Friday, April 23, 2010

[Kichn - lil' cafe tucked away in Albert Court]

Have you seen this around? (Yes, at Kichn!)

yesterday was my virgin trip to Albert Court. I had no idea where it was and had to use (yup, i've moved away from Google Maps) to find out how to get there. It is actually near Little India and The Verge, where I had a direct bus (851) from my house.

Entering Albert Court

Crossing to the other side of the canal, the rustic landscape is in stark contrast to the modern Verge. Despite Indian/Hindu symbols (like the elephant) present around the area, the buildings exude a more British India feel.

Old style clock, though the construction in the background kind of ruined the picture

As usual, I was super early. Thus I ended up taking random pictures and camwhoring while waiting for gh to appear.

For full picture, check out my next entry!

my navy blue and white ensemble for the day :) If I was outside of Singapore, I'd have paired it with white knee high boots as well. That said, I'm still in sunny sunny VERY SUNNY singapore, where I may just melt if I do so.



Kichn is a new cafe, just opened for 3 months. As you can see from the picture, the old wooden signboard has not even been taken down! it mainly had outdoor seating, where there was lots of wooden Ikea-like furniture around. It kind of displayed a European feel, and I like it! Reminds me of my time in Sweden.

to order, take up a colour pencil and colour away on the little menus placed at the side of the chairs. The guy, most probably the owner, was really very helpful in explaining to us the menu and the ordering system. He seems quite young as well, probably a young entrepreneur.

check out their menu here:

It has a design-your-meal concept, where you can choose your base, main and sauce. and add an ice blend or some sides to go along with it. Prices are really reasonable as well!


some camwhoring while waiting for our meals to be served!

Our blends arrived first!
gh: green tea with peach
tracy: mango with chocolate
price: $4 each as an add-on to our main meal (usual price $5.90)

Despite my liking for colours and imagery, the short catch phrases at Kichn works for me!

the blends were alright, I wish that I could taste more ice though. gh's blend melted really fast and was almost like water. Mine was still thick like smoothies/milkshakes, probably because of the chocolate part. However, the chocolate totally overpowered the mango and I could not taste the mango at all. Ditto for gh's blend, the green tea overpowered the peach.

we waited quite some time for our food to arrive, and... it finally came:

that's right, please satisfy my tantrum (s)


My meal: spaghetti + grilled fish + chilli crab sauce
Price: $8.90


gh's meal: spaghetti + fried chicken + tomato sauce
Price: $6.90

aren't the prices worth it! gh's meal seemed more value for money though, the fried chicken was really big, and really nice! he kept...sighing in delight while eating. my grilled fish was really fresh and well cooked as well! the chilli crab sauce was a tad bit spicy for me, because I am a lousy chilli eater.

oh wells... but overall, the meal was great! despite the seemingly small portions, well, do finish your meal first before commenting on the portions. That is what I learnt. Because I was super full and could barely finish my spaghetti!

this is definitely the place to go, away from the noise and pollution, and into the rustic Albert Court.


180 Albert Street
#01-05 Albert Court
Singapore 189971

Tel: 6333 0015
Website:  (the website isn't fully up and ready yet)

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  1. i was expecting the price to be more expensive. hmm, i feel like going there~

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