Saturday, April 17, 2010

[ION Orchard Palette of Spring Fashion Showcase]

headed to ION today after examssss! WOOHOO! summer holidays are here! :D


went there because I received an email from CLEO, that there will be a Palette of Spring Fashion Showcase at ION B4 (Saturday and Sunday) and that I can redeem a 20% voucher which can be used at stores like Bebe, River Island, Cotton On, Net, New Look, Levis, etc ec!


i think this was my ONLY favourite collection, sadly, i can't remember the name of the shop. Nura or something. other collections were dull and not at all classy!


love both the female and male model here!


of course i prefer the male model more...


another picture of the male model, dressed in Flash & Splash
i've totally outgrown ripcurl and billabong, it's so... not my thing


clothes from Bebe, gh thinks it is toilet paper wrapped around the model -_-" one interesting thing was that i noticed almost all the girls did not wear bra. hmm, perhaps it helps speed up the changing of clothes?

i was waiting for river island's collection, which was the last to appear, and it was really bleak!

like look at this ah tiong style!



i never knew that this could be in trend.

why do we keep falling back to retro? and this is not even retro, this is ah tiong era!

so after the fashion show (i prefer those at taka, at least there's seats!), we headed to new look, river island, NET, just to see what's there to buy. sadly, NONE. nothing to buy. zero. zilch. argh.

oh well, i'll just go shop online, there's this floral dress that I wanna get, and it's pretty cheap. problem is that the clothes online are always slightly too big, so I always choose dresses in which I can somehow add in a belt to accessorise, so that I don't look...big :s

with exams over, my blog will be revived (:

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  1. hahah, yeah, i noticed those models always seem to wear no bra.

    do you wanna be model? i mean you can pass being one. youre tall

    *im noppi :D*


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