Monday, April 19, 2010

[ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 6]


episode started with Alasia saying she has problems with self esteem

yeah right, can't tell from the bitchy way that she has been acting. the girls were talking about how the house is divided, almost like the blacks vs the whites. it is ALMOST like, because Anslee is somehow with the blacks.


jessica practising on the runway

angelea bitches about jessica, and then asks Raina and Brenda how it feels like being in the bottom. Alasia is stuck in a room with brenda, raina and jessica and she feels very left out. she thinks she needs to keep her cool to stay in the competition. remember how she SCREAMED at anslee? i don't see how that is cool...

Tyra mail: when you walk in, you might have a fit. Love, Tyra

so the girls were getting ready to leave but alasia had to take a shower. she knows she is late though, and everyone complains how she is always late. and basically they were all late because of her


so they met ann shoket and mrs jay

where ann talked about the key to looking like a model is to dress by your proportions. so the challenge is to get dressed appropriately based on your proportios in 5mins. it was pretty hilarious, with brenda not knowing where is her waist, alasia not knowing what body type she is.

well the good news is that everyone got to keep the clothes that they picked


in the car, alasia screams at jessica

freaking noisy in that enclosed space! and then brenda says angelea is uneducated. so basically everyone was screaming at each other in the car


angelea for some reason likes to go into the other room and attacks brenda


the girls receive a letter from handback designer tinsley mortimer, where they were invited to a launch party.

challenge: one-on-one time with tinsley, who will judge them on their personality and style

alasia surprisingly had no idea how to mingle and no idea how to talk to Tinsley. i guess she only knows how to scream...

and the winner of the challenge is.... Jessica!

she got to pick 2 frens, where she of course picks breanda and raina, to go on a Seventeen magazine photoshoot with her

in the confession room, where the girls record their feelings on the day, raina and alasia spies on each other


jessica and raina outside the room while alasia is bitching about raina

Tyra Mail: it is time to take your campaign underground. Love, Tyra



so the girls head to the subway and sees Mr Jay and Nicole Fox

i love nicole fox, but she didn't get much screen time on the episode. angelea asks nicole how she copes with the drama in the house, and nicole talks about being classy and not bothering. brenda left the train to bitch with jessica...

it was a Cover Girl photoshoot, where they will have a specific role on the subway. the challenge is not only to portray the role, but also to balance on the train. it seems like the american subway isn't that stable like Singapore's MRT.


Krita: aspiring actress
Anslee: artist
Alexandra: upper east side
Raina: east village rockerville
Jessica: club goer
angelea: fashionista
brenda: student
alasia: model on a go-see

and the results:


best picture: angelea














out: brenda

i thought the whole photoshoot was LOUSY. previous cycles had better Cover Girl photoshoots! no one delivered a true blue Cover Girl photoshoot in my opinion. And if i was an american girl and i see angelea's photo for a Cover Girl ad, i may just walk away from that brand.

because i don't want to look like some stuck-up transversite.


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