Saturday, April 03, 2010

[ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 4]

woah, i'm faster this week! :)

episode starts with Brenda talking about her identity crisis with her short hair yet again, when is Brenda going to stop hogging the airtime on ANTM?!

When things don't go your way, sometimes you need to improvise, Love Tyra

so basically the girls were invited to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where they learn how to portray emotions. So the girls had to do some action while portraying some feelings.


well, brenda did badly, but so did almost everyone else. they only showed a few people, did not know who really rocked it! :(

Tyra mail:
tml you are really going to blow up. love, tyra

and then brenda had a makeover yet again, and she freaked out when she was told that her hair might be shaved off. in the end, the sides are being shaved, and she kept complaining that it is not her style and that she wants her long hair back.

next, they headed to Times Square, where they watched a Cover Girl commercial:


with dania ramirez from Heroes in it


and the next moment, she appears in front of them!

so the challenge was to make a 30seconds commercial for CoverGirl Clean. there is no need to memorise any script, just improvise while the script is read out. the catch is that they will be doing this live, in front of everyone else at Times Square. Winner will be in the CoverGirl shoot for Seventeen and appear on the website.

so most of the girls just posed with the bottle, smile, pose, arch back, stuff like that. but Tatianna really blew it away, in a good way! she really acted like she was in the advertisement, and many people out at Times Square cheered for her as well!

and of course she was the Challenge Winner!

back at the house, it was drama again, with anslee and alasia bitching away. and it got worse when alasia said "How are you treating your daughter!" and that really broke anslee...


the way she screamed was...CRAZY!

but Krista came and broke them apart and stop the fight. and then, it was Tyra Mail again. i dont recall an episode with SO MANY Tyra mails!

"Tomorrow, be careful of the no neck monster. Love, Tyra"

jessica thinks that they will be posing with snakes, that was quite a funnily bimbo comment to make.


on coming into set, they saw this 'dead' man in a tub


and Mr Jay came out like a vampire, and explained that they will be vampire models in the photoshoot

they will wear white-out lenses that will obscure their vision, so they were literally as blind as a bat!

and that's not all, they will be...


modelling with real blood

omg, that seems like such a waste of blood! please tell me that it is not real! and if it was real, it is really digusting...


as you can see, they are really blind and has to be helped into the tub


alasia got good comments yet again, omg, i HATE HER!

brenda, the drama-mama starts crying again because she cannot put in her contacts, but anslee helped her put it in. brenda kept saying that she was very scared cos she could not see a thing. well, EVERYONE couldn't see a thing! but in the end, brenda did okay for the photoshoot as well...

Judging! the judges loved alasia yet again, with simone, krista, anslee, jessica having bad comments.

can they just... get it in their heads that alasia is NOT THAT GREAT?!
i wish Nicole Fox was here, i would have liked to see how she will model with the blood. she would have ROCKED IT!

so, the results:


Best photo: Alasia (yucks!)






Brenda (alexandra should have been higher than her!!)




Angelea (that leg was soooo awkward!)




Krista (this is like some "please come and rape me" pose...)






awww, what a pity for her! i think simone looks really stunning, but her lacklustre pictures... well, it was time for her to go anyway, getting abit boring.

till next week then! :)


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