Friday, March 19, 2010

[Nuffnang Movie Contest: When In Rome]

Valentine's day is long over, but we always need some loveydovey films right? to remind us that life is not just about study and work, we need to chill out and catch a romantic comedy!

incidentally, romantic comedy is one of my favourite movie genres. i know, sounds bimbo right. but i just like fairytale endings! and of course, i like it to be funny as well! other than that, i like those kungfu (think Jackie Chan) or action packed films (think Mission Impossible).

and here's the latest romantic comedy!

When in Rome - starring Kristen Bell as Beth

not very excited that it is Kristen Bell being the lead actress, but oh wells! basically the story goes like this.

- Beth is successful but single
- Beth does not want to be single, she wants her man!
- Beth goes to Rome to attend her sister's wedding (probably making her more mad that she's single)
- and she damn pissed off, went to throw coins outta the "love fountain"

- and bingo! the next day back in NYC, she has not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 suitors at hand!
- one of whom she really likes, but she's not sure whether is it the effect of the love fountain, or is it just...welll...true love

question is, who will she end up with?

well, like all *cough*cliche*cough* romantic comedy, she will of course end up with her love interest Nick Beamon (Josh Duhamel)!

ooops, abit of a spoiler here!

well, but it's expected...i'd be DISTRAUGHT if it doesn't end up this way!

3 reasons why will Nick Beamon be the one:

1) Narcissistic male model Gale is definitely out - who wants someone who loves himself more than he loves you?
2) Why not the artist Antonio? though he shares the same interest as Beth, but no way. whole day at work already stare at paintings as a curator, i don't think beth would want to stare at more paintings back at home
3) don't go marrying some magician (Lance), u never know when he may magic away your $$$

so definitely, Nick Beamon is the no.1 choice!!

and i guess Beth will definitely choose Nick also because he looks best amongst the rest!

does look really matter? well, duh YES, if someone says no, they are lying. however, it's more like a whole package thing. you don't have to be like the Face of the Year, or some hotshot model, it's fine being normal!

3 things I want to find in a partner:

...or hopefully I've already found :)

1) must be funny - wah, this is important maximum okay! i don't mean clown-like, but it's important to entertain me. as like what all astrology books say, geminis get bored super easily and loves to be entertained!

2) must be taller than me - okay la, this may be considered as superficial but, IT IS DAMN IMPORTANT OKAY! i don't want to tower over guys when i'm in heels...they wun like it, and i don't like it either!

3) i shall end off with something cliche.... must love me :) cliche, yet important, and i'm sure everyone will agree...


anyway, catch the movie trailer here!

Catch When In Rome Movie starting from 25th March 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!


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