Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[Fish & Co Earth Hour Promotion]

With Internet rising as a booming tool for word-of-mouth (WOM) promotion ala refer-a-friend sort of activities. Of course marketers do try to tap into web resources for promotional campaigns. However, do it intelligently please, and not have loopholes for scrupulous customers like me to take advantage of it.

I was talking to zh just now about Swensen's disgusting 1-for-1 lunch treat, where the price increased and the food portion decreased. my fish & chips was like a pot of oil, my mum's beef goulash was served COLD. In addition, the service was really slow, and not up to standards. All these have made me swear that I will never go for Swensen's 1-for-1 ever again!

Then he told me about Fish & Co's $1 Fish & Chips offer.

My immediate response was "what's the catch?" (nope, no pun intended)

so he showed me the link: and this $1 Fish & Chips promotion is actually in conjunction with Earth Hour, where they will donate this money to the WWF. Basically, you have to spread the word to 10 friends and you can receive the $1 voucher to be used within 29 March till 30 April. The catch lies here: it is only valid for the first 10,000 redemptions only.

Failure #1: you can type in any email addresses, even like "" is fine as well, it will be accepted

Failure #2: as with all typing of email addresses, you can definitely key in your 10 email accounts (if you are that mad to have so many) so all of the mails will be directed to you and there isn't any WOM promotion

they are really banking on the fact that Singaporeans are very well-behaved and will really follow the rules.

but okay, i was a nice girl, i did not put in rubbish email addresses (although zh did, that's why he found out about Failure #1). Then I reached the voucher page, where I was told to print out the voucher. I examined the voucher and there was no barcode, no special numbers, nothing!

Then I wanted to right click and save the picture, however it was disabled! first smart move! then here comes Failure #3...

Failure #3: even though right click was disabled, but you could still highlight the picture, ctrl-c it, and paste it in word doc or something (for some reason, it looked weird when I pasted it on photoshop)

of course you may think, what's the big deal? they limited it to 10,000 redemptions, they are already prepared to donate $10,000, or as a matter of fact, 10,000 plates of Fish & Chips to WWF in support of the Earth Hour.

nah, they are not so nice, they of course still want to earn, that's why there is an additional clause of "Limited to one redemption per coupon per table". what a specific clause right, because it clearly states that you can only use the coupon once, and only that once per table. hence, only 1 person will enjoy the $1 Fish & Chips, while other friends will have to spend money on their food.

well, you can always play punk...

"Hi, table for one please"

Failure #4: Irritating people like me may just split up and not eat together with my friends, choosing to have a table for one instead, and to enjoy a $1 meal.

Stop banking on Singapore's supposedly collectivist culture! I believe we are moving way past that to be self-centered individualists already! Fish & Co will not only lose out on the potential $$ that they could have received from us if we were all seated at the same table. they will lose out even more as we are occupying the tables of people who perhaps did not even know about the voucher, and genuinely wanted to dine at Fish & Co!

they should have put in an additional claus, "valid only with a minimum of 2 dine-in customers" to solve this problem, but no, they didn't, so...too bad for them!

zh was suggesting that we play an April Fool's joke on Fish & Co. go to their restaurant on 1st April and everyone ask for "table for one!". they will just lose money and cry...I'm asking zh to set up a facebook group on it, haha!

However, despite their many failures, they did succeed in one thing: word-of-mouth promotion.

even though people may not use their email forms to spread the word about their commitment to the Earth Hour and WWF, but people will definitely talk about their marvellous marketing attempt (like see how I'm blogging about it now despite my busy schedule). Companies these days just want buzz anyway, buzz marketing is the in thing now.

Wait, hang on, or perhaps this was all in their ploy, to create some promotion which is not that perfect, and then make people talk about it, so that it will just spread on the web like wild fire.

well, you'll never know what these marketers are thinking. so is the Fish & Co Earth Hour Promotion a success or a failure? you decide for yourself.

In the meantime, while you are printing your vouchers, perhaps let's be nice and view their Earth Hour video :)

p.s. took down the voucher already la, else fish & co not happy

p.p.s. perhaps they should edit the clauses in their vouchers first instead of just telling me to take it down. not everyone is so sympathetic to fish & co's cause, especially in kiasu singapore.

p.p.p.s why not have a series of number on the voucher? people will associate it with serial numbers and not think of spreading it around, thus spreading the actual link instead!

p.p.p.p.s i just thought of an even simpler idea to reduce spreading of the vouchers illegally. just send the voucher to the person's email, together with the person's name in the email. then customers just print out from there.


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Dear blogger, we just hope and wish that our customers will be fair to organisations like ourselves that offer real, good offers and not to abuse the system set. - From Fish & Co. Restaurants.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Dear blogger, we would very much like to request that you remove the $1 voucher from your blog. Thank you - From Fish & Co. Restaurants

  3. okay, i've removed the voucher, but i think the system should be improved with more clauses, so that it will not be that easy to abuse the system. though organizations hope for customers to be fair, not everyone will be.

  4. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Thanks for your co-operation :) There are quite a few more clauses that we initially wanted to add on to make it tougher (ie. no spilting of bills, min. 2 diners, valid only from Mon to Fridays before 6pm etc) But we do hope that diners can use their discretion to do the right thing. We would still like to have faith in our human race :P - Fish & Co. Restaurants

  5. $1 is really cheap =)

  6. WTH!!!
    Imma loves Fish & Chips....and now at real low price!!!

  7. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Human race after a rat race!


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