Thursday, March 11, 2010

[Bistro One Zero Three: Happy Birthday Dear!]

happy 24th birthday dear! :)

admist our hectic school work, we took time off to celebrate gh's birthday! rushed all the way from astro lesson to go to GV Vivo to watch Being Human first, which was really...okay, this is for another blog post :p anyway, we were late for the 4.20pm movie, but good thing there was another one at 4.50pm too!

heng ah! good thing never book movie tickets beforehand! else wasted :(

after that, i brought him to a mysterious place which is so surrounded with quite alot of construction, a place which i saw on ladyironchef's blog :)



Bistro One Zero Three

103 Pasir Panjang Road
nearest bus stop: Pasir Panjang Ctr (8 stops from Vivo City)

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday, Sunday: 11.30 - 3am, 6pm - 9.30pm
Saturday: 6pm - 9.30pm

6476 6373 (make reservations beforehand!)

no clear landmarks nearby, except for the Citilink building across the road. quite alot of constructions around that area now though.

there is a carpark nearby, $0.50 per half hour, but don't bother paying. park at the landed property area! there aren't any yellow lines there! or if you are more punk, then just park by the roadside right in front of the bistro. when the 'madah' come, pls fly out and save your car.

read many reviews on as well, so when i saw the very simple exterior of the bistro, i felt alright since i already knew it. but the interior of the bistro...i like!



homely decorations

it has that really homely feel about it, just like you have just stepped into someone's kitchen! it's not as extravagant as those full service restaurants, but the homely ambience was really appealing! it felt high-class in its own way.



yayyy! me so nice, i research on a nice restaurant to bring gh okay! :D

we sat down and this very friendly lady immediately served us ice water while we pondered over the menu. she was really helpful and answered all our questions with a smile. service was impeccable!



gh's dinner: oatmeal fish with steak fries
Price: $17.90



my crabmeat pasta with red pesto!
Price: $15.90

it is actually crab meat and salmon pasta, but i don't eat salmon so i asked to change. they are really flexible about changing, so you can custom order your food.

and i just loveeeeee crab! the more the better! :D and it is fresh crab meat, not those crab sticks!



my pile of crab!

not really a big pile though, but it is decent for $15.90 i think. there was also a different sort of taste as compared to normal crab meat. not sure whether was it because it is not as fresh, or perhaps because the meat was from the crab legs. prefer the crab body part, it is much sweeter and juicier!
and pasta was super filling and i could barely finish it! really liked the red pesto sauce, it was not those creamy sort in which you will get sick of very quickly. and the capsicun seats gave it a very crunchy feel, which i like! it was really very appetizing!

so to complete our dinner at Bistro One Zero Three, we decided to order dessert. they do not have a dessert menu yet, and instead, the friendly owner told us the 6 desserts in which they offer. brownie with icecream, grilled pear, orange sherbert, etc. can't really remember! it was really hard to visualise, and i really prefer if they have a menu instead!

we decided to order this:


panacotta with mocha sauce
Price: $6

we ordered it because we had no idea what it was! in fact, i couldn't even remember the name and i just told the owner that i wanted the 2nd item she mentioned :p

it was really nice, had a melt in the mouth feeling in which i really liked! the mocha was also not that overpowering, everything was just right.


it looks abit like tauhuay with mocha sauce

but this 'tauhuay' is different. really melt in your mouth. i like to take a big scoop, and just savour that feeling. even though it is slightly pricey at $6, but it is really worth it!

the total bill amounted to $46, and i was pleasantly surprised because i expected to pay much more. i'll definitely go back again! affordable, good service, homely ambience, nice food, near NUS...well, there's no reason not to go back again!

and here are my presents for gh:


shirt from celio



a storybox with a heart shape made of roses :)

had lack of time to do anything since i had lots of exams last week. was really too busy to prepare anything so i did everything very last minute. i think the shirt is nice though :)


hope you had a wonderful birthday :)


  1. Very lovely and the food look nice too.

  2. the food looks really delicious =)


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