Sunday, March 14, 2010

[ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 1]

it's another season of ANTM yet again, Cycle 14 already, and it seems like just yesterday that Nicole Fox won ANTM Cycle 13! i hope thn Te models this season will be as strong as Nicole, i think she's like one of the strongest models every in Top Model history.

this cycle, there wasn't anymore of a themed cycle ala the petite cycle last season.

but this cycle revolves all around technology and social media, which i thought was abit cliche for a tv show. it's like how we like to do powerpoint presentations by tapping into such hot trends...

see the screen there? it's imitating a facebook friend page, where Tyra is looking to add in 13 models into her network. oh, it's called (omg LAME)

yup, and then moving on to Skype-like chats with Tyra, mr and mrs jay

so after Tyra talks, the models started screaming and appluasing. then one of the models, alasia, commented that "if tyra walks into this room, i'm gonna pass out"
so when tyra REALLY walked out the next minute...

she fainted, rolled around the floor, jumped up, and started screaming

crazy alasia, crazy models this season!

so the models have to fill up their fierce page before tyra decides whether to accept them as friends. because tyra's network is so full, she only has places for 13 models in her network. the girls have to shoot a profile pic and Ms Jay Alexandra will rate on their social net-walk (omg, the episode just gets lamer and lamer!)
and it ends with tyra saying...
"so i'll see you in the chat room"
omg, stop this already...
so the girls started to shoot their profile pictures


danielle has piercings and tattoos, i'm quite sure that she will definitely not be in

then came the interview and bikini pose sessions with the judges. where girls usually walk in and scream and scream because they see tyra. erm...yeah, ok


this is hallie, a self declared rich bitch. she thinks she is fully committed to being a model and to win the title. her mum brings her to New York or Paris for shopping. loves chanel and has a famous godmother


tyrs loves those eyebrows, i hate it because it just looks so manly!


this is jessica - married at 16, had a baby at 17. she got married during her first time having sex. and her church hates her because of her premarital sex and that she is married so young.

aside from her, another girl also became pregnant on her first sex, but that was when she was 18.


okay, tyra went crazy and is on time of jay manuel. i'm sorry but he'll never be interested in you, tyra

after that, there was this very funny black girl! i think it was krista. she is open to dating outside of her racial group, but she doesn't want to date white guys because she thinks their pink penis looks like raw meat.

jay alexandra died laughing, so did i... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

naduah drew this of Tyra, super nice! naduah is totally top model potential, despite having a bald shaved head. she has been modelling for a few years now and she had a very bad childhood.

okay, here comes tattoo girl. she thinks that people should not be afraid of her...
"i'm not going to stab you"

after the interview sessions, the girls were having some food and chatting away, while hallie and danielle bonded with each other and start bitching about who else will be in, together with them.

so after their meal break, it was time for the first round of eliminations. 20 girls will be chosen and they will have to go up to screens, and click on "status". if they are pending confirmation, they are one step closer to becoming ANTM, but if they are declined...well...BYEEEE!


why is she pending, like omg?!?!?

well, pakistani girl got declined, danielle (tattoo girl) also got declined as well. annoyingly, rich bitch hallie was in. and so was weird laboratory girl who doesn't seem to exude a passion for modelling...

so it was time for the girls' first photoshoot. theme: "what supermodel are you?"
and they have to do their own make up and get dressed in plain black. so before they go for their photoshoot, they have to state the supermodel in which they are... imitating or portraying.

it was not bad that most girls knew their supermodels, with some really knowing their stuff by choosing some of the less popular ones. labcoat girl tatiana said megan fox is a supermodel, and got shot down by Jay and the other girls. HA. because she isn't, an actress is not a supermodel!

alasia obviously doesn't know her stuff as well. she just chose a very famous name, and did a pose in which jay manuel said that naomi campbell will never EVER do.

sheesh, how embarrasing.

okay so it was judging time, where tyra and the 2 jays plowed through all the photos. and then it was time to announce who will be the contestants for ANTM Cycle 14. and they are...

Alasia Ballard
Alexandra Underwood
Angelea Preston
Anslee Payne-Franklin
Brenda Arens
Gabrielle Kniery
Jessica Serfaty
Naduah Rugley
Raina HeinSimone Lewis
Tatianna Kern

tyra and the jays could only agree on 12 models, so they will introduce them the 13th model when they reach NYC. so when the girls headed to NYC, they met Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, who brought them on a tour to madam tussauds.

perez hilton

as he was going to diss tyra's wax figure, she came out yelling at him! and introduced the 13th model: Ren Vokes. who looks really different, like she was picked up from the streets. then the girls headed for their makeovers.

woah, look at the cool limo!

i love the makeovers section, it's so funny to see all the models cry and wail over their makeovers, if they really want it so much, please, what is a loss of hair to them...

Gabrielle: I cam this far, I can't complain about anything

that's the right attitude girl!!

but of course, many of them started crying, can't rmb who, but the highlight of the makeover was Ren's makeover. the little street girl never shaved her armpits before!

and it's really quite a forest!

it was so funny when the two jays grabbed her arms up, and then pple started to use scissors and shavers to shave off her armpit hair! of course the other girls started bitching, saying they wonder how is it like below.

it'll be hilarious if there are strands coming out...

and here are the pictures from the makeovers that i got from the Top Model community livejournal. i don't like this cycle's concept, their main picture is quite gaudy.



hate this bitch!



she didn't do her hair justice! it was actually quite nice, she shouldn't have tucked it behind!


she cried, LOADS




she was unhappy with long hair




this is the 13th girl, the street girl



pictures are not looking so stunning, hopefully it gets better!

after the makeovers, the girls headed back to their house, which looks considerably less luxurious as before. perhaps cos no one wants to rent it to these models, who just ruins everything and create a whole mess there! digusting, it's like living with 13 pigs!

so of course, since there was angelea, there were definitely bitch fights. seriously, grow up models!

then the girls headed for their next photoshoot, where they were told by jay manuel that they were told that they will be photographed... NUDE.

and the credits started rolling

argh! what an ending... can't wait for the next episode though!


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