Saturday, February 06, 2010

[Victoria's Secret Topless Bikini]

Victoria's Secret has launched its new swimwear collection which includes a new category of...

Topless Bikini

er... right. so what's the bikini for? it's pretty hard to explain their concept, so let the pictures do the talking :)


Modelled by Lindsay Ellingson

her hair is just of the right length eh, just long enough to cover her breasts, but not too long such that it loses the kinkiness feel of it. as you can see from the picture, the bandeau top is removable. oh and of course it has lined cups with removable padding - this is super important okay! aside from a removable bandeau top, the bottom, though fully lined, has minimal back coverage.

the BEFORE photo looks really fierce! Lindsay is like giving the "i'm hot, but you're not" and "don't bother hitting on me" look. but after she takes off her bandeau top and appears half naked, boobs exposed and topless, she gives that innocent deer faced look like "i'm an innocent virgin, can we have sex?" sort of a look.


basically this bikini is just an excuse for you to go topless.

"oh, i don't know how but my top just came off!"

it will only arrive on 27th February if you order from the website here now. if i'm not wrong, they brought forward the shipping date. I checked the website last week, and its shipping date was actually in March. well, hooray for those who have purchased their topless bikini.

Price: US$68

well, i'm quite sure this will not retail in the Victoria's Secret outlet at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. nude tanning is like banned in Singapore, though i once saw this japanese american who suntanned topless in Sentosa, on Tanjong Rhu beach...

for people who can't get enough of Lindsay Ellingson, here's a video of her prancing around the beach in her topless bikini...


  1. Wow, any bottomless bikini?

  2. what's the point of this outfit?
    totally pointless right? just to attract hamsup ppl only.. lol =P

  3. @jfook: perhaps version 2 will be a bottomless one ;)

    @kenwooi: yeah i agree!

  4. well if its from VS then there must be sumthing to it. must be for people hu visit topless beachs.

  5. wth..
    people are getting more civilize eh?

  6. O.O Interesting... I wonder what they'll come out with next. Hahaha.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. i guess the next thing VS will come up with is the Invisible Swimwear line,

    think Emperor's New Clothes

  9. What is the point of this outfit?


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