Wednesday, February 03, 2010

[Post ANTM: Nicole Fox]

it has been a long time since i've posted ANTM related stuff. today i decided to check out the Top Model community at Livejournal and saw many post ANTM photos of Cycle 13 models.

photos courtesy of members from the Top Model community

so we begin the series with none other than Cycle 13 winner,

Nicole Fox

she is signed to Wilhelmina Models and has done a 6 page spread for Seventeen Magazine. As part of her winnings, she also has a $100,000 covergirl contract and has done an ad for Cover Girl Exact Eyelights. there has been rumours that she will be the face of Alexandra McQueen's spring/summer collection, but nothing has been confirmed. hope someone confirms it and put it in the Top Model community! Nicole Fox is like my favourite ANTM winner, alongside caridee english (Cycle 7, who seems to have put on some weight in the face) and erm... yeah, that's it. the rest, i'm just fine with them, wasn't rooting for them throughout the competition.

'enuff talk, now for the photos!

surprisingly, there hasn't been much photos of Nicole up on the Top Model Community website (which I believe is really really updated!) as compared to other models like Brittany Markert and Laura Kirkpatrick (runner up of Cycle 13)

strong photos!

somehow, this reminds me of the Twiggy style

nicole's beauty shot rocks :)

wonder which photographer took this... or was this a candid shot

part of her Seventeen spread

still part of the Seventeen spread


model 101 pose?

happy nicole :)

basically i feel that these photos do not do Nicole justice. all of the ANTM shots of her are wayyy better! maybe is the photographer, maybe is the lack of concept. i hope to see an antm-like photo of Nicole soon!

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  1. Me encanta está cicha, nicol, porque ella es tan única, diferente no lo se tiene algo que llama mucho la atención y la verdad me alegro que haiga ganado el concurso de la Siguiente Super Modelo Americana porque ella demostro que las apariencias engañan y al final resulto la ganadora que bueno me alegra mucho por ella. Felicidades Nicol Fox tu admiradora Celia Heredia-República Dominicana.


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