Tuesday, February 02, 2010


i'm so depressed with school these days. this shall be a whole long post about lamenting about school :(

i hate that we have to come up with a whole new company brand from scratch in 13 weeks.

(do companies really do that so fast?!)

i hate that we have to go and interview people (around 20 possibily) for hopefully 2hrs per person.

(which idiot wants to be interviewed FOR FREE for so long anyway?!)

i hate that we have to find some embassy or foreign students from god knows where to interview.

(how about we fly to that country to interview pple huh?)

i hate that we have 3 group exercises, 3 individual cases, 1 final exam for a BLOODY MODULE.

(prof thinks we only have ONE MODULE is it)

i hate it that profs do not understand how crazy the workload can get when having 5 mods
i hate it that profs do not think that we not only do THEIR project, but x5 others as well
i hate it when profs assign us groups, not knowing that group projects are really difficult to manage
i hate it when profs demand that you must have exchange students in your gorup

most of all,

i hate it when profs cannot teach.

i feel that all profs should go through NIE first, to see whether they qualify as teachers. they may have brilliant minds, and are brilliant researchers, but teaching is a skill, a talent, in which most may not have... or at least need some courses to nurture

in fact, i feel that profs should go through a teaching simulation lesson, where WE students are the judge on whether they are effective in imparting their knowledge to us. at university level, most of us should be matured to know what is effective and what is not.

and there's no reason why we should pay $6,000 a year to learn nothing.


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