Monday, February 08, 2010

[05S46 February Babies]

yesterday some of us met up at The Cafe Cartel at PS, it was pretty last minute so not many people was there. Initially I wasn't intending to go, because I've been out for the past 2 nights already, wanted to stay at home and finish my work, but i've missed like so many s46 outing already! I think the last time some of us met was last year when we met up with howeikang! the first meeting with him, not the recent one


waiyip, junlong, jfoo, baojie, glen, daniel, tracy, debbie, manda

dunno how come a malay suddenly sprouted out in our class. daniel is really chao da from sailing! soon he is going to look like a bangla... if you see carefully, his legs are more brown than his brown shorts! eeek! and his eyes are super red, such that i dare not look at it, you know, it's like vampire eyes.

he is one very tanned edward cullen.

glen looks like fake picasso as well, or oliver twist, super funny la! but because i said that about him, i got shot back that i look like a gospelwoman/nun/motherteresa/mothertracy because of my dress! where got... i like my white dress okay! BLEAH!


photo with manda and debbie
fujing couldn't come because she has test on monday (today)


february babies!
glen is obsessed about marriage, he keep telling wy that it is time for him to get married!



not nice shot without flash :(


the cake was not bad, abit too choclatey though! ugh, i'm having bad hair day, hair is too flat and to the side! :( i went to liquify it actually, then i think it just gets worse :p so, forget it la... i usually just change lighting, i don't really like to edit how i look

and that marks the end of our outing :)

first time there were people to take the North-South line with me - daniel and baojie. because daniel just moved house to bishan (good choice!). came home and saw debbie's tweet:

thatsmenow: Omg. Jfoo drove straight into a one way road! Ahhhhh! Gg to die! -

HAHAHAHAHA! copied it to bj immediately, he also died laughing :p and both fujing and i replied back to see whether debbie is safely back at home!

twitter rocks by the way, kindly please go get twitter, all dinosaurs out there...

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  1. mother teresa also belongs to the dino age :p


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