Tuesday, January 05, 2010

[sherlock holmes movie 2009]

yesterday i went to watch Sherlock Holmes at AMK Hub with gh :)

hmm, i dun remember seeing this poster in singapore

amk hub seems to be like my new hangout point
even though amk hub is near my house, but i dun usually go there...

of course as usual, The Straits Times gave this movie a very low rating again
i think rating of like 2 stars? they never seem to go above 3 stars these days
are the movies now that lousy -___-"


The 3 main characters are: holmes, watson and adler

to me, adler was just a vase, a thieving vase
sherlock holmes looks too clean in this poster as well

generally i thought the movie was not bad! it was really witty and holmes was super duper smart!
however, i did not like the black magic part
i hate such things of the unknown!! i was so scared can!

*on a side note: i couldn't sleep last night because i was scared! almost ran to mummy's room!

plus the movie was overly exaggerated
look at this:

looks like it was a scene out of a sylvestor stallone movie! what rambo or gambo or something la
the one with many sequals and prequals

from what i rmb from the book, holmes was always the brains
he did not have to use his brute force, he did not have to fight
he just fought with his brains!

but overall, i'd give it 3.5 stars! :)


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