Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[Roxxy, the new sex robot]

have you heard about Roxxxy?

"She can't vacuum, she can't cook but she can do almost anything else if you know what I mean," TrueCompanion's Douglas Hines said while introducing AFP to Roxxxy.

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as robots slowly moved from household toys,

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to more advanced play things like the iDog...


to more practical uses of maid robots:

toyota maid robot

now, there is perhaps the most practical SEX robot. but i think the whole idea of having sex with a robot is just sick. you mean men will stop visiting brothels just because they spent their money on Roxxxy? I dont think so, because the human touch just cannot be replaced!

i don't really get the inspiration part though.

Inspiration for the sex robot sprang from the September 11, 2001 attacks, when planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon and an empty field in Pennsylvania."I had a friend who passed away in 9/11," Hines said. "I promised myself I would create a program to store his personality, and that became the foundation for Roxxxy True Companion."

it seems to hint that his friend has some kind of sex maniacal personality in which he wants to be stored and everyone to know about it? I really dont' get it! but well, don't speak ill of the dead...

plus, i don't know why the name is Roxxxy. it makes a sex toy even more r-rated as it is already. more like a porno thing, you know, with too many 'X's.

Roxxxy is US$7,000 to $9,000, depending on the features that she have. like what, more personalities or sex styles?! that's a hefty price to pay for a sex toy!

you must be a rich, sexually deprived men whom all women hates, possibly also having a sexual problem and is unable to provide satisfying sex to women, plus have low self esteem too, if you were to buy a Roxxxy for yourself.

seriously -_-"


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