Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[NUS Business Cafe: THE REEDS]

just checked my NUS mail, and what did I see?
results of the new business cafe (located at the Mochtar Riady Building) naming competition

I did see the advert last year, and I wanted to take part
but it kept slipping my mind! :(

and the shortlisted names are:

a) The BIZ Stop (submitted by Roland Lim, MBA)
b) Nexus Café (submitted by Tan Dor Win, MBA)
c) Café BIZ (submitted by Priyanka Mehrotra, MBA)
d) Biz Hub Café (submitted by Karla Hotchkiss, MBA)
e) The Reeds (submitted by Faith Koh, Corporate Relations & Communications)

so charles and I were just talking about it, we did not finish reading the email, and thought that the winner was The Biz Stop and we thought, hey, not bad, it's quite catchy you know!
then i was condemning a particular shortlisted name, when charles told me
"oh, the winner is The Reeds"
like omg, what a name!
The building committee chose this for its clear link to the Mochtar Riady Building and its catchy name.
yeahhh.......... right.
it IS catchy la,
The Reeds
The Reeds
The Reeds
eh, The Weeds?
nono, it's The Reeds
The Reeds
The Reeds
The Reeds
eh, what's it again, The Weeds?
like why wasn't students able to VOTE FOR the name instead?!
I'm quite sure the winner will not be THE REEDS.
i guess the association is in the Riady part... ReeeaaaHHHHHHdddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
yeah right, i don't really get it either...
i just hope that the food will be nice and cheap can le :)
name doesn't matter that much as the FOOD 
oh, and can NUS just revamp the whole business canteen? it has just about the suckiest food ever and I always have to go The Deck to eat my favourite laksa yong tau foo!
Ideas for new food at the Business Canteen:
1) Carrot Cake (YUM YUM!)
3) Hainanese Chicken Rice
4) 328 Katong Laksa
5) erm, an improved cai fan store
6) Handmade Noodles
7) Indonesian Riverside BBQ (like the one at PS food court)
8) nice Nasi Lemak stall
this will be ideal scenario :)
which i will not get to see even until i graduate (i believe la...)


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