Sunday, January 03, 2010

[new year, new blogskin part 1]

okay, here's what i've been doing for the whole of today
and the reason why i have not been blogging or doing anything else constructive

because i've been revamping my blogskin :)

new year, new blogskin!

i'm gonna animate it with flash, and this explains the big empty space in the header bar
but i dunno when i'll have time to do it :(

this is also still currently work-in-progress
shall refine it more at work tml :P HAHAHAHA!

plus i know i din crop the pics v well, my left elbow is super duper pointy!
but oh well, i'm lazy to change for now... i just want the layout to be right first!
change header, easy la

and i hate css code :( i prefer the classic blogger template which just uses html
it's so troublesome! and i've to relearn it :(
last time i just had to edit everything in my template blog, and copy and paste html over
and then it's DONE!

now i still have to alter the widgets, page elements etc.

and i dunno why the footer (labels, comments, timestamp) region is weird!


and i can't seem to do anything else until i FINISH with this
i'm just like that, ugh!

okay, i shall continue working on it :)
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