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[Mochtar Riady Building - Soft Launch 19th January 2010]

NUS Business School has a new building as most NUS students should know.
It's called the Mochtar Riady Building, named after Dr Mochtar Riady, Founder & Chairman of the Lippo Group, who donated $21million to NUS Business School.


but thanks to him, I am enjoying lessons now at the new building, with nice clean toilets (this is ultimately important)

Some pictures taken off the NUS BBA Facebook page:

the entrance of the school in which seldom people access
mostly business people access the mochtar riady building through the link from HSSML
I'm definitely going to take photo with this sign soon!

the whole building
i only realised that there's the NUS Business School word at the top!
it's so freaking small! might as well don't have it at all since no one can see it!

the buildling is amazingly 9 stories high!

when it started construction in late 2007, i thought it will be a very tiny building with just a few rooms. This is because it was built on a once-upon-a-time TINY patch of grass! but lo and behold, the building actually seems pretty spacious!

i don't have pictures here, but the corridor is pretty narrow though. Don't know why they cannot make the empty space SMALLER and the corridor larger!

Design of the Mochtar Riady Building:
Inspired by the ancient Aesop fable where reeds survive storm winds and oak trees fall, the Reed-like design of the building serves as a metaphor for exceptional quality, deep flexibility and perennial stability in the face of the vicissitudes borne by business in the contemporary world.  (from NUS BBA Website)

So on 19th January, NUS BBA had a soft launch of the Mochtar Riady Building (MRB for short) and a email blaster was sent out to all business students to invite us to come for this soft launch. We also had to send an email to register for the event.

Since I had lessons that day, and also have to eat lunch, I, together with gh, signed up for it! Thought it will be nice to see it, something for me to blog about, and something for me to EAT as well!


i was shocked to see the whole atrium filled with covered tables and chairs! it seemed soooo formal!


i think there was about 10 tables there
but that's not the main point... look at the STAIRS!


and more stairs...

why couldn't they just convert it into an ESCALATOR?!?
i'm sure $21million is enough to build ESCALATORS in the MRB
of course there were lifts for lazy people like me

i notice that the building seemed to have a very big centre hollow! can't really understand it, why can't they reduce that hollow and open up more classrooms? or perhaps it could be converted to some study rooms for us so that we don't have to fight for space at HSSML during exam periods!


the VIP table



prof hum and prof quek's namecard
just to show off my camera zoom
it's abit blurred because my hands are super NOT STABLE


soft launch was apparently publicised on CNA
I was waiting to see it on The Straits Times, but apparently only zaobao wrote about it



the arrival of the NUS presidentcaused some frenzy
everyone went to shake hands with him with many many cameras snapping photos of it


haha i dunno who is this prof, but i just thought he looked funny :P abit mad professor style

so anyway, we were on the second level, taking aeriel shots of the event. then we realise that there were no other students around! the Bizad Club people were there, but they had a table to themselves and they were all in formal wear. like i did not know that the soft launch will be a formal thing?!

in my mind, I envisioned that it will be outdoors, with lion dance around, and many other students clapping away, and awaiting for the speech and launch.

i was wrong.

gh and i were like the only other random students there! and we felt so out of place that we left! there wasn't any warm words of welcome anyway. adults were basically too busy networking with each other. in the end, we left for Arts Canteen (The Deck) and I ate my favourite yong tau foo laksa.

even though i did not eat the food, i did manage to snap some shots of some uncovered food. most of the food were still under the warmers.





majorly disappointed not to have eaten anything

and the irony of it all is that in the evening, we received an email thanking all the business students for attending this event, blah blah blah.

now we know, all this is but just a formality.


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