Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[F.I.R: 让我们一起微笑吧]

Recently, I bought the new F.I.R album!


让我们一起微笑吧 by 飞儿乐团

it has been 2 years (after Real proposed to Faye) since they come out with a new album, so I was very excited about it. of course i have also heard their album over the Internet already, and I felt that it was really nice!

However, there was actually little publicity of the release of their album. I wasn't even sure when it is released in Singapore. The website stated that it was released in Taiwan on 25th December 2009, so I went to CD Rama at AMK on 26th December, wanting to buy it. But it wasn't available then.

Last week, I went to CD Rama again, and it was FINALLY HERE!

and I was so disappointed with it.

I expected an album that is extravagantly packaged, with amazing pictures from photoshoots in like Antarctica or something. I expected some freebies in the form of a poster or some keychain strap or SOMETHING.

but there was NOTHING.

The album was as thin as it could be. In fact, it seem as though the producers had no budget at all for it, and had produced this album at the lowest cost possible.

some pictures as evidence:


when you open it up


first page of the lyric book

it was so boring, there was really no theme in the photoshoot at all! In fact, there were little photos of them in the lyric book! not like their previous albums! This must be their worst album production ever! The theme is probably just happiness, but it was a tad to dark to be happy. Perhaps it is TRYING to be happy admist the gloomy times now. However, I thought that the idea of the photoshoot could be much better!


no picture of them, just some photoshopped picture of a playground and the sky


simple photography
though Faye is pretty even though she is not really made up here


there are some pages not even with pictures of them!
just pages after pages of lyrics!

the songs were also mainly composed and written by Faye and Real. Ian seemed to be sidelined here, and only glued to his keyboard. Perhaps he felt awkward, being the biggest lightbulb around.

despite all my complaints about the production of the album, I do feel that they still have nice songs in 让我们一起微笑吧

Songs that I like from their latest album:

1) Find My Way
2) 纪念日
3) 荆棘里的花

Even though I like these songs, they are not as catchy as their previous music! I used to be able to listen to F.I.R's disc over and over again, but this time, I got sick of it after about 20 times :(

other classic F.I.R songs that I like:

F.I.R. 第一张专辑
1) Fly Away
2) Lydia
3) 我们的爱
4) 你的微笑
5) Revolution

我要飞 寻梦之途全纪录
1) 我要飞 (黑松沙士2004年度广告歌)

1) 千年之恋
2) LOVE*3
3) 把爱放开
4) NeverLand
5) 刺鸟
6) 死心的理由

1) Get High
2) 雨樱花
3) 天天夜夜
4) 飞行部落

1) 需要你的爱
2) 三个心愿
3) 真爱地图
4) 月牙湾
5) Forever Green

these are songs in which i will never never ever get tired of listening to, but for the new album, i don't think their songs will attain such a level at all...


my collection of F.I.R discs
i definitely have ALL the discs which was released in Singapore
I tried to find concert DVDs, but I haven found any yet!

maybe I should consider ordering it online
now that they are not so popular, perhapse it will be cheaper! :D


F.I.R Fairyland in Reality
will they every regain the glow that they once had?


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