Friday, January 29, 2010

[Apple iPad - you must be a diehard apple fan to want it]

lo and behold, the much anticipated...



iPad *rolls eyes*

an iPad... rightttttt.


totally expect to see it in NTUC, Giant, Cold Storage and Carrefour

can Steve Jobs and his team come up with a suckier name?! the name had drawn much reaction from everyone - bad reaction. at least i have not heard of 1 person who said that the name iPad rocks. of course pun names have come up like iPad maxi, iTampon, iCondom, etc.

"i want an iPad with wings, thanks"


let's talk about it's specs (information from Apple iPad website)

Height: 24.28cm
Width: 18.97cm
Thickness: 1.34cm
Weight: 0.68kg (without 3G), 0.73kg (with 3G)

Screen size: 9.7inch
Capacity: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
battery: up to 10 hours

What does it NOT have?
1) USB port
2) Camera
3) Flash support
4) Multitasking capabilities

basically, you are getting nothing more than a big fancy dinosaur.

with no Flash support, you probably can't view half the websites on the WWW? and no USB port, well don't even think about getting movies from your friends, you can't insert it into your iPad anyway. and multitasking capabilities, i don't get what apple refuses to have that. don't they understand we are a gen y era that loves multitasking?

is their target group hip-wannabe-dinosaurs?

i guess the main selling point of the iPad will be how thin and light it is:


it's so slim that it is half an inch thick!

but if you really want something which is thin and light, why not go for the...


sony vaio x?
i'm no big fan of vaio (i'm a loyal ASUS user) but at least this has features as compared to the iPad

despite condemning the iPad, i do think there are some uses for it

1) Digital Photo Frame


in my opinion, it much resembles one!
just that it is bigger, and has more features of course (wow, finally iPad has like more features than something...) however, price wise, the iPad is much more expensive than a digital photo frame

2) eBook reader



of course everyone has compared it to the Kindle. some think that the kindle will still survive, some think otherwise. well, i think the Kindle will survive, because i feel that diehard apple fans aren't much of readers.

they probably love toys more. which results in iPad's 140,000 collection of applications. looking at the iPhone, it is also kind of evolving into a toy. they should just build an iToy.

3) Street Directory, GPS


i think it's not bad as a street directory because it's BIG! i don't get why GPS are so small, it's so difficult to see! i don't have a GPS though, i use dinosuar street directories.

that basically sums up what i feel about the iPad. price wise, some people feel it's cheap. i feel that it is a waste of money considering the lack of features.


Price in USD. bet it'll be much cheaper in Singapore though, with promotions from telcos

but if you are diehard enough to want it, do invest in the camera connection kit

at least you can transfer movies to your SD card, and then plug it into the iPad. else, how are you ever going to watch movies (except streamed ones) on your iPad?! well, unless you re-download everything, which is such a hassle!

aside from bad press about the iPad's name, there has also been news that iPad is actually a rip off from Fujitsu and some China company. also, there has been speculations that there will be a new iPad Nano coming up.


got these links from @mrbrown and @angryangmo

zh thinks it is a fraud, i'm not so sure. considering they came up with such a fantastic iPad, i will not put it past them to design a iPad Nano which looks so strikingly familiar to an iPhone.

that much said, i feel that my negative perspectives on the iPad boils down to one simple fact,

i'm not a diehard apple lover.

if i was one, you will see a much different post, where despite all the shortcomings, i will still praise the iPad to the heavens and to play down on whatever it lacks. because the marketing department of Apple is so powerful, they actually manage to make consumers think of their products as cool, hip, and almost a necessity now aside from just being a lifestyle product. they must be the no. 1 marketing department in the world. they have cool ads, they allow consumers to overlook the practicality of products and to just follow the wave. the Apple wave.

go bite into your latest apple iPad then, diehard fanatics.


  1. Lol! I agree with you. Apple kept the world at a stand still to announce that they're created a bigger version of the itouch.

  2. ^5 Jan! my sentiments exactly!

  3. Nice review. I doubt it'll be a success to, I feel that it's just a huge ass iPod touch! Besides it doesnt even have a camera!


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