Monday, January 11, 2010

and Elyn is going back to Japan again...

went out on saturday to meet elyn, dots and evadne! i haven seen dots in ages! and elyn is flying off tml!
:( sadness. and she's only coming back 1 year later! well, at least coming back la, she has actually been gone for 1+ almost 2 years already!

had dinner at manhattan fish market, i love that place. but sadly, i found out that it's a malaysian company and that fish & co is a Singaporean company. so technically, it is obvious which one i should support?!

but manhattan has nice prawns :(

yesterday's meal was not fantastic though
the server did not know how to do the flaming prawns well and the rice was so hard! pretty disappointed with it actually

i paid with Capitacard, got a 10.3% rebate, used up all my rebates in the Capitacard (which amounted to $17+) and they gave me a $10 MFM dbs card voucher! :D

happy! i'll definitely go back there again to eat!

after that we walked to 313@somerset to shop. walked through f21 but did not get anything, ended up at New Look which was surprisingly cheap!

MASSIVE MASSIVE DISCOUNTS! and the clothes are not bad! i might consider shopping there next time :)


us at 313@somerset
i love my widescreen camera so we don't have to stand so far away from it!


i know my zi pai skills are improving by leaps and bounds


elyn wanted to show her jap/korea/saudi/taiwan/etc. frens the MRT sign


plus a naked eva :P hahahaha! i purposely never put her full name somemore, in case someone googled into my blog by it :p

was quite tired throughout the whole outing as i was having a flu
but it was nice to meet up :)

will really miss elyn after she leaves :(
which is in like 8 hrs time!


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