Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[ST Electronics Christmas Celebration @ The Mind Cafe]

Last Friday, some departments in ST Electronics (T&S) had a christmas celebration at The Minds Cafe
erm, not really sure what departments, but i think there is Marketing, IT, Q&A, M&S

i'm in the background, can u tell!

so my boss and i headed down to the mind cafe together at funan IT mall
talked quite alot about travelling, and i totally psychoed her to go SWITZERLAND! it's my favourite country after Singapore

arrived at the place, and sat at a table with Francis from M&S
and we played Jenga


quite amazing right! i think we did until very high la!
surprisingly it can still remain pretty stable!


we had lunch after that, i think the food was abit too cold for my liking
maybe they took it out too early
and the burner below does not seem to work at all

after lunch, we basically continue with games at our own tables

playing First Hand

still playing Jenga

btw, white guy v cute hor :p

we had to roleplay throughout the games
i was a hamster, my boss was a mouse
she wanted to be mickey mouse, but sadly, that is not an animal

after that we played pictureka
the 2nd time i'm playing it, and not enjoying it much
i think it's really quite boring...

after that, we had some group games!
the most fun was GUESSTURES! :D

basically we were formed into teams, then we have to act out the word
and everyone can guess, so it depends on who can grab the card first
before the card is sucked down

wah, we are super vigorous one can
competitive spirit! but it was really fun!!

someone filmed a video of me
check it out man! not bad right!
i finished all 4words realy fast!!

but the next game, i totally CMI
supposed to have a director, artist, and guesser
the director must direct the artist to draw, so that the others can guess
can only direct using shapes or lines or like erase this part that part

i was the director, and my word was "Skirt"

so i said

"Draw a trapezium"

and everyone started laughing...HAHAHAHA!
what's wrong man! trapezium is a shape what! but i wanted it 2D la
but it was drawn 3D, so people keep thinking it's a roof
then i tried to direct Sharon to draw the stick figure

but no one got it la, until the VERY VERY VERY end

epic failure.

and because of our lousiness in that game, we lost overall by ONE POINT!
else can have minds cafe voucher leh!

the winners :)

then we had a christmas log cake!
and we sang merry christmas!


overall, it was really fun because everyone was so sporting!!!

this makes me even more feel like working in ST!!!
great corporate culture that it has!
wonderful people around too! :)
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