Saturday, December 12, 2009

[Sakae Sushi]

Awhile back, gh and i went for the Sakae Sushi High Tea buffet at Wheelock Place
it rocks to be a youth still, because we just have to pay $13.90 ++ for the high tea buffet!
i'll definitely chiong to eat the buffet again before i graduate...

because that will mean i've to pay $18.90++ :(

(but considering the amount we eat, it is worth it regardless of the price)


what do we get for the Sakae Sushi buffet?

- unlimited normal plates
- 1 free red plate
- 1 free udon
- 1 free dessert

so basically, we just paid extra for our green tea

being a pro in the sakae system, i sat down and immediately clicked away using the computer system
somehow i prefer the computer system rather than to order directly
because when i click, it's written down accurately and sent to the kitchen
rather than taking orders which may sometimes result in some errors

as usual, i always order Sakae Chawamushi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki first


in fact,  i think i ate like 3 or 4 Sakae Chawamushi!

this is gh's standard order, cha soba!
i'm not that into it though...
i prefer my chawamushi... *munchmunchmunch*

so what is actually available for the red plate segment?
i've got the menu here!
it's perfect for sashimi lovers, which so happens to be not me, not into raw food

so we ordered a fruit maki and a soft shell crab crepe
ugh sadly, fruit maki had sashimi in it, but i still ate it up
it's quite okay actually, just that i don't really like to think of eating raw fish

now, what is included in the normal plates...or so called blue plates
i prefer calling it normal plates, as not all the blue plates are blue what right!

so you have temakis (handrolls)
my favourites are soft shell crab handroll and mango avocado handroll
if i'm not wrong, avocado handroll is relatively new as compared to the rest
and i love it! it has a really refreshing feeling!
kind of like...dessert?


and these are the other sushi and side dishes available
so many selections! :)
barely 1hr, and we've already eaten our $13.90++ worth!

this is my favourite
i order this two at a time each time :)
soft shell CRAB!


happily eating my chawamushi and soft shell crab handroll :)

while gh wolved down his jellyfishy sushi,

i wolved down my handroll
and this is ANOTHER handroll, not the same one as above!


somemore pictures of our food
not much pictures after that, busy eating, no hands la

look at the long list of plates that we've eaten!

and we ended off with peach mochi :)
i love mochi :)

so we headed for the bill, and it was $17nett in total for each of us
because we ordered green tea, so had to add on
i think i ate like maybe $27 worth of food though

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