Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[nus exam results release]

I am panicking in front of the laptop now while waiting for 11am
the hour where I start to cry buckets of tears
I was so worried that I couldn't sleep last night!
keep tossing and turning around

and I did not dream about anything related to results...

To access NUS results:

basically, follow the instructions from there
as most people will definitely not be in school in such an ungodly day,
you will need to log in to the VPN (takes awhile) and then log in to MyIsis portal

currently, I can't get into MyIsis! :(
hope i'm able to access through company laptop
else i'll have to wait 1 hour later to get results via SMS!


and it's really annoying to keep keying in my NUSNET login
just to access the Release Dates website, I think I keyed in my ID and password like 6 times -___-"

okay, i shall... patiently wait for results
feel like sleeping now though, weather is perfect for sleeping
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