Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[nus exam results part II]

Dear NUS,

Can I tell you that the myISIS system SUCKS?!
what time is it already?!? and I can't access the page! 11.25am!
and the WebVPN page... the server keep rejecting the client!
like WTH?!

are we all supposed to gather back in NUS for the holy release of our results?

rars, is the WebVPN a security measure so as to prevent leakage of results?
i rather results are LEAKED but at least we still can view the results at the stipulated timing!

i've been like having a heart attack ALL MORNING OKAY!
and now, i'm waiting for the exam sms instead.
i bet the sms system will be choked up...

Yours Sincerely,
a very pissed off Tracy
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