Saturday, December 05, 2009

[Nuffnang Movie Contest: The Princess & The Frog]

after all the disney classic movies like Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White, etc.
here comes The Princess and The Frog

just in case you have a lack of childhood and do not know about the story,
it is basically

- Prince was cursed and became a frog
- Princess kisses frog
- Frog turns back into prince
- Prince and Princess lives happily ever after

however! this movie is different! there is a twist to the storyline,
and i can't wait to watch it!

disney movies usually never goes wrong :)

my first kiss has been... lost in memory
i really couldn't rmb how it was like
i do rmb who it was with though, and i was 17
but... that's it :s zero memory about it

okay, mushiness aside, go watch Princess & The Frog!
i'm sure it'll be nice!


and hopefully i'll get to watch it too,
at illuma filmgarde, i've never been there before!

check out the trailers here!

Catch The Princess and the Frog in cinemas 10th December 2009!

and do leave ur comments below :)
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