Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[M1 Singapore Fringe 2010]

honestly, I've never heard of M1 Singapore Fringe before
until this year, when I started doing my CP project on Arts Festival in Singapore

now i'm an arts festival guru already! (abit la...)

so when Nuffnang came up with this contest to answer this qns...

Q: Art and the Law is the sixth edition of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival – True or False?


hahaha, did not even have to refer to the website to figure that out

this year's website is a tad too black and white for my liking though
unlike last year's website, which was really outstanding and creative!

M1 Singapore Fringe is not like other arts festivals in Singapore due to its content
it may not have that great a coverage like Singapore Arts Festival
it may not solely focus on dance performances like dan:s
it may not have that much visual arts exhibitions like Biennale

but it has the most original and creative works
where the art shown is more of the thought provoking sort, something that you do not expect!

well, that's what i got out of it when i saw that website
and after we collated our report on arts festival in singapore

this year's theme is Art & Law
the theme itself is already something different
it could be quite a challenge to link performances to the theme,

so i really hope i'll be there to see the performance! :)
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