Thursday, December 31, 2009

[last days of 2009]

this week has been one HECTIC WEEK!
aside from the ST Interns KTV session on monday,

there was also the nuffnang bloggers mini gathering on wednesday!
this event marked the birth of Glitterati+ and its committee!

thanks to raine from nuffnang, she gave me the opportunity to be part of it!
really really thankful to her :)


the gathering was held at Ksuites, Iluma
i've been wanting to go to Ksuites, but its quite ex u know
so i was v excited to go!
plus we were getting the VIP Picadilly room!

which has karaoke, ps3, com w internet, pool table plus a lounge!

but alas, i was pretty disappointed with the pathetic size of the place!
everything was so crampe together! there's no way you can squeeze in 45 pax as what Ksuites claim!
well, unless you want everyone to be packed like sardines,
and to sit on every floor space!

crazzyyy! there were pathetically little seats
even the lounge bar did not have seats, that was so dots!

but enough complaints :P

i was initially pretty apprehensive about going
because i did not know anyone, except perhaps @hpility, whom i've tweeted to abit laaaa!


but i made 2 new frens! :)
okay, unglam shot of me eating...

BTW, photos are taken by Ming ( okay!
but got a few photos without any watermark, those are what i took
pathetically few la

why take when there are people with big professional cameras around? :D



new frens: victoria & javelynn
both are actually frens of raine and elise! all secondary sch frens!

so glad to have met them! else i'll be like soooooo lost throughout la! :(


pic with hongpeng
i look v fat here, dunno is it my face or the top, or both :(


victoria, tracy, june
june was one of the first few people whom i actually spoke to
but talk abit nia la, she busy preparing for the singing competition!


pic of valarie (dweam) and dawn (monoxious)
valarie is so photogenic and dawn is really daring in her dressing
in conservative lil singapore, i'll never dare to dress outrageously :p

i mean, wearing boots already got me stared at by everyone -_-"

then there was the singing competition!
of course there were some good, some not so good
but those that were good were REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD! OMG!




we had to vote with our golden stars!


and i kept voting for ALTON!
but, surprisingly, he was placed 3rd! :(
i thought he was CONFIRM 1ST OKAY!

everytime he sang, i was totally tao zui in it!
really really really PERFECT!


recognise her?

ex-campus superstar participant: benditta
i know i confirm spell her name wrongly laaaaaaaa
she seemed to be sulking and looked pretty unhappy throughout :s


group pic! :)

we stood there for DAMN LONG okay, because no seats
our legs were BREAKING!


huiwen is super photogenic omg!


unglam shot again of me watching hongpeng take photos of the tea
hahahaha, i keep making fun of him and his pull-votes sms :p


mikra and cheryl

i hope i got the name correct...during the guess-the-winner contest, i just spelt as MICRO :P hahahaha!



but i'm bias la, more alton photos pls :P



i think this is everyone there! :)
i hope i get to know more people! more more more! :)


my new chio fren :) who's so nice to accompany me that night


plus sweet raine and javelynn! :))))

after the singing competition, the Glitterati+ president was announced, and it was none other than Andy Kwan aka AndyStorm!
he gave out prizes and made a short speech as well

basically after that, i had to chiong off already
else i will confirm not be able to wake up the next day to go for work!
plus i'll miss the last bus :(


new year's eve was spent at work in the morning
now quite slack already la, i finish my work quite fast
so i explore other things to do, or monitor the CORS stock market
everything is currently at 1 point and i hope it remains that way

met mummy for lunch in the afternoon, before heading to Popular to grab some school supplies
went home to nua awhile and then met gh for dinner at novena's zheng fa huo hai xian!

i was late :(

haiz, quite disappointed with the food


whatever i took to be teppenyaki-ed, well, it wasn't the same as what was returned to the table! utter disappointment!
where did my mountain of stingray go to?!?!?
and why replace with white fish with SO MUCH BONES!



plus we were seated at a super awful place!
indoors and near the sink!
so many pple keep walking past! and after they wash their hands, they will SPLASH EVERYWHERE! UGH!

oh, and i din eat alot, confirm not up to the $25nett
today was more expensive since it was new year's eve, hence it was charged as a weekend instead :(

after that, we had absolutely no idea where to go
walked around, found a sofa at Velocity@novena and just sat and talked
and tried to think of places to go, but did not go anywhere in the end!




because i didnt want to go near any countdown parties, did not want to go to crowded places, needed to go somewhere accessible by public transport as both of us did not drive, rars!

sucks la, there was no such place in existance on NYE!


oh well, the new year is here
2010 is here, just 1 more year to graduation in May 2011
i'm so not looking forward to it
school is still the best place to be, despite the crazy competition

so tired, many things to do tml
perhaps i'll think of a list of new year resolutions as well :)
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