Friday, December 25, 2009

[kiasu NUS people]

i happened to be at my Nuffnang account looking at my analytics
which is always very pathetic la, i sux man
and i was shock to suddenly see the blog hits go up!


then i realised it's because of my recent entries!

after two blog entries about the release of NUS exam results,

the number of visits have crazily shot up! for that day only la :(

top keyword searches are all about nus exams and nus results!
i guess everyone was having problems with the SUCKY VPN AND MYISIS system!

well, at least i hope it's not the staff who has been viewing my blog
and seeing how i've condemned the system :s

and someone was SUPER EFFICIENT to start a HATE GROUP in Facebook!
i've of course joined in, so click here to join now!

of course now they have taken down the VPN thingie, and i'm able to access ISIS already
but i think the whole system looks too complicated and unappealing as well
dunno what is the school thinking of...

i'm awaiting an NUS apology email to all students actually
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