Monday, December 14, 2009

[i miss you, neoprint, 313@Somerset]

gh is still in taiwan :( missing him :(
i actually dreamt about him the day after he left
i dreamt that he msg me from taiwan
then i woke up and check my phone

but alas, dun have, *sad* go back to sleep...

so i spent the weekend with my mummy and also to pack up my room
we headed to 313@somerset which is fast becoming our favorite place to shop!



313 @ somerset is so conveniently located right at somerset MRT that i think stores like Robinsons and Orchard Central are definitely going to lose out! moreover, it is having some promotion now!

Be the first 100 UOB customers to spend $80 or more to redeem $5 voucher!
Be the first XXX 313 customers to spend $80 or more to redeem $5 voucher!

(i forgot the exact number)

hence, being a UOB customer, u're entitled to $10 voucher by spending $80!
it is essentially a 12.5% discount la!!!

plus, as long as you step into 313 @ Somerset, you are entitled to one photo per family per day with santa and santarina!
free photo, taken and printed instantly with a canon selphy printer on the spot! the canon selphy printer is like really good quality!


oh, plus when u are collecting your vouchers, you get to take home a snow globe too!


mummy had one, i had one
two snow globes made a perfect stand for our photo!

and Uniqlo has managed to sell most of its jeans! only sizes 24 and smaller left! that is FREAKING SMALL CAN!

new stocks coming on 19th december
mummy going there to buy again
it's really comfy, and can pull off as pants too

which means i'm gonna wear it to work!

aside from going out, i've been packing my room too
until i came across this:

pages and pages of neoprint! i really miss those!!

till now, i don't have any NUS neoprint yet!
except one with me and gh, which is super long ago

need to update!!!

and almost every page, i see my onceuponatime best friend
which makes me feel really sad :(
if there were those sort of find your long lost friend show in Singapore, like those in Taiwan's Super Sunday,

i will confirm wanna find her...

pardon my momentary lapse into emoland

another thing to note, i manage to watch Princess & The Frog already!
watched with zh and sw at amk cathay today! it was good!
the part where Ray died was quite emo and sad though
but when he became a star, it felt both sad and lame...

i guess you need to tune yourself to the Disney Channel mode before watching such movies!
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