Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[NUS CORS - Cries Omg Retarded System]

the time of the year has come again, for something dreadful called CORS

even though my accronym is abit lame, but don't u think it's an accurate reflection of CORS?

(Cries Omg Retarded System)

why can't we just study what we want?
what's the point of bidding?
we don't pay $6,000 a year to not get what we want you know!

ugh, plain retardedness -__-"

however, i've always been very lucky in bidding
call me MASTER BIDDER, thanks :D
unlike some of my friends (you know who you are :p) who always have to go knocking on the dean's door, i always get what i want

so let me impart some of my 'skills'

check the bidding dates (http://www.cors.nus.edu.sg/schedule.html)
forgetting to bid is just about the stupidest thing that can happen to you

take note of the open and closed bidding times too

to be successful in bidding, monitoring is of ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE
i monitor it before open bidding ends, and before closed bidding ends
this allows you to grasp the situation better
so that you can roughly gauge what is the minimum bid points during closed bidding

don't be LAZY


of course i'll always check the bidding archive to see which mods is more popular in which semesters
it's just a rough guide actually, not always accurate
but at least i'll know how many points to bid

like for AY09/10 Semester 2, i checked the bid points for AY07/08 and AY08/09 Semesters 1 and 2

it is also very important to check the nus bba website to check out the module descriptions and the BIZ teaching assessment


go to Online Info and Systems (http://bschool.nus.edu.sg/NUSBBA/OnlineInfoandSystems.aspx)

Module Descriptions

important especially for seminars because different profs grade differently
obviously you should choose the one with the lesser workload la!


BIZ teaching assessment (https://aces01.nus.edu.sg/nceBiz/nceBiz.jsp)

basically it is the profs' CAP score
of course the higher the better la, except for the difficulty part
from here, you can also tell the pros and cons of each module and its lecturer

do all these WAYYYY before Round 0
why plan so late? hurry plan with your friends earlier!
thereafter, start bidding at Round 0
placing advanced bids is good, provides a sort of practice
and what if you forget to bid in Round 1A?
at least you have already done your advanced bidding!

continue being lazy and you will find your doom in CORS.

(sadly, i may have a high chance of appealing these sem. because i taking business modules for all my UEs, so basically my P account is depleting like mad while my G account is overflowing!)
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