Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[christmasy mood]

as christmas is approaching, i entered a very christmasy mode
and decided to bake a christmas log cake

more like i was being ambitious

i actually thought it'll not be that difficult to make
and that i'll be able to make and then give to various people
like my boss who is so nice to me

BUT! this will be my first and last time baking a log cake
it is freaking tedious with lots of steps la!
plus i screwed up the cream filling actually
but i just used the frosting as the cream filling instead
i kinda overwhipped the cream filling, so it all curdled, hence wasting mummy's money because whip cream is really ex!

here are some pictures of my log cake:


looks not bad eh!
it's slightly too sweet though, even though i put less sugar already!
their recipe has a crazy amt of sugar la!

and i also did a christmas cross-stitch cushion for gh!
initially i was thinking of framing it up, but i think, aiyah, not v nice
so i thought of a cushion idea instead

as u can see, i did it rather mathematically :S
draw lines here and there and everywhere

this is after attaching the cross stitch to the cushion cover

and i stuffed a big ball of cotton like thingie into it

here's the completed cushion!

the green felt and cotton were from daiso, cheap cheap! :D

haha, it's the thought that counts k...
i dunno about him, but i do feel that this is more meaningful than a $100 present or dinner, or something along those lines

i like handmade gifts, which i've received a few already :):):))))
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