Wednesday, November 04, 2009

[things to do after exams]


since it is the exam period,
of course i need to start a list on...

Things to do after Exams:

1) Internship - i hope i get it! dec-jan internship! (THE phonecall hasn't come)

i was supposed to be slacking away in december and hibernate in my hole with my acorns
but i decided that i need to boost my resume so that i can get my desired summer internship

2) Europe Scrapbook - massive time&money-consuming project!

3) Plan for 27th

4) Bake Christmas Log Cake - this is ambitious :p

5) Finish uploading all my travel pics on my blog

6) Ask more people to go for CEDAR HOMECOMING ON 31ST DECEMBER

7) Check out city square mall (the singapore one la, not the JB one)

8) rewatch WE GOT MARRIED! lettuce couple hwangbo and hyunjoong!

9) finish all my dvds (still got alot of korean ones haven watch)

10) get myself updated with all the latest songs (i'm a dinosaur now can...)

11) EXERCISE! running most importantly!

aiming to run 10km race next year, i dun wanna end up doing 10km walk

12) start thinking about thesis paper

13) change my blogskin

14) clean my room

15) play piano


i'll add on to the list when i'm bored
for now, it is MUGGING time...
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