Monday, October 05, 2009

[to jj :)]

helloo jj!!

you are currently in the WORLD'S BEST PLACE TO LIVE!!

read article here:



on a separate note, not sure if u have been following my twitter..

but i just bought a NEW CAMERA!

and so far, i think it ROCKS LA!

bought for $570 at Song Brothers at Sim Lim Square

Merdeka sells it cheaper at $558, but the salesman pissed me off and i totally rolled my eyes and raised my voice at him

that was HOW BAD his service was!!
so, i don't mind paying abit more for good service by that salesguy at Song Brothers
he was really informative and patient in explaining to us everything!
of course he also gave us a good deal :)

i was contemplating getting the LX3 that xiaxue has, but ended up not getting it because...

1) it is freaking ugly
2) it is SUPER expensive
3) it is going to be discontinued soon, according to a salesman at Courts because LX4 will be out soon!

however, Song Brothers salesman also said that LX3 is the BEST camera of its sort, which can produce SLR like pictures due to its low apperture and the image quality is the BEST!

and he thinks that LX4 will probably just be an increase in zoom or megapixels
meaning, LX3 is still a good buy!

oh well, too ex!
good thing he praise TZ7 too!

i was contemplating between TZ7 and canon powershot S200
but he say canon is more famous for its SLRs
and that the colour effect, Canon picture looks nice if the picturse are red based
other than that, it is only normal
but TZ7 is an all rounder

of course, some of its features includes:

1) 10 mega pixels (yeah, i know not very high, now it is up to 14 megapixels already!)
2) 12x optical zoom (POWERFUL ANOT! plus extra optical zoom and digital zoom... wow! according to the website, it is maximum 84x zoom!)
3) 25mm wide angle (okay, there are some with more, like 28mm, but it's okay!)
4) Intelligence Auto (IA) - perfect for camera noobs.

IA is really amazing! the scene mode will auto change itself! from macro to portrait to candlelight, etc!

okay, i shall rave more about it after i've actually taken some pictures!


i've been in school past midnight for the two days, super tired!
Saturday: i was in school from 730am till 130am
Sunday: in school from 830pm till 1230am


and admist my busy schedule, i FORGOT TO APPLY FOR P&G INTERNSHIP!

freaking sad now!
they better repost it so i can apply!!!

and i've so many things to do today but i feel so nua because i'm so tired!!!
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