Friday, October 16, 2009

[Nuffnang Julie & Julia Entry]

time for another Nuffnang movie entry! :)

really busy these days, don't really have time to blog
but at least i still update once a week!!

*busy till my breaking point, i must add :(

okay anyway, Julie & Julia is basically about these two women, one young one old
one is a cook, one is learning from the cook to become a cook
and learning life lessons through their journey
saw the trailer in the movies before, i think it's not bad!

plus it is based on two true stories!

cooking, something that was once upon a time foreign to me
but since january 2009, it was part of my everyday life for 6 months
because i went for student exchange programme in sweden,
so it's either you cook, or you eat yourself broke

and i obviously chose the former

one good (or great) cooking experience was to make banana cake together with gh :)

though i'm the one making and directing la
sometimes gh lend me his strength lor :P


all ingredients plus my recipe book in front of me
and of course being in lund (sweden), everything was just IKEA IKEA IKEA!

Step 1: cream butter and sugar together

this requires great use of arm strength, since we do not use machine
just use the spoon to mix, and the spoon wasn't really the ideal sort too

Step 2: get someone to beat the eggs and mash the banana

gh helping me mash banana

hard at work eh ;)

Step 3: add the eggs into the batter bit by bit, and stir very hard each time you add in to prevent any curdling!


Step 4: Add in the egg and sift in the flour. mix well.

i mix until my hand wanna break le

of course there are techniques to mixing, so as not to cut the air out
basically just FOLD the flour in!

Step 5: BAKE!

done! nice nice!

muahaha! not bad right!
nice food in lund!

not bad right?

i shall post some other foodie pics :)
not all la, since i posted before already!

not bad eh :D
shephard's pie!

shephard's pie


spaghetti, chilli crab sauce styled

fried bee hoon

fried bee hoon!

first attempt at baked rice!

chicken baked rice

icecream cake!
nice hor! :D

gh's icecream fruit cake



western meal dinner! :D

western meal

muffins! :D i should have put more bananas


yup, okay, you get the idea

catch julie and julia in cinemas!
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