Saturday, October 17, 2009

[ANTM cycle 13 - Episode 7]

we're finally on episode 7, halfway through antm cycle 13!

sundai expresses how happy she is to hear that she shined in the group photo last week while nicole was sad and knows she has to somehow work it and show her personality to the judges

tyraaaa mailllll!

"how driven are you? we will find out tml"

laura predicts that it is bumper cars, hahahaha!
she's a hilarious country bumpkin

the girls in the house are talking about nicole, erm, like again?
and saying that she has a "social grace of a fetus"
WTH! she can model better than most of them!!
ugh, mean girls

so the girls arrive at whilemmina models, and finds out that they will be going on go-sees! and this time, it'll be different cos they will be given a car to drive them around, and they will work in twos

then sean patterson shows them this:


a MAP! sundai says she doesnt know how to read a map
i bet ALL THE GIRLS do not know!
i'm a rare breed of girls who can actually READ a STREET DIRECTORY!

so the girls were paired up:

kara and brittany
sundai and rae
jennifer and erin
nicole and laura

and sent off to their cars
where amazingly they did not get lost reading the maps

rae was retardedly still following the speed limit
brittany and kara totally zoomed and cut into sundai and rae's lane
and sundai/rae were so pissed off!

hello, it's a competition
what speed limit is there to talk about?
plus, u're from the USA for god's sake!

one twist in this season's go-see was that there is an advertisement company involved and the girls have to read a script. also, there was jewellery involved, not just clothes!

but i felt that the advertisement was abit lame, like why must they imitate various accents?! don't see a point in it, nopes

ah, poor laura did not know how to use the parking meter! because kentucky didn't have it, and they were like fiddling about the meter!
erm, just heck abut it and GO?! the producers will pay for it anyway :P

so it was time to head back to whilemmina models, sharply at 4pm
and only 2 groups have made it back


and there are two teams left with 5 mins to spare!!

jennifer and erin made it back with 1 min to spare!
while rae and sundai were late for 15mins, and hence disqualified from the challenge
and sean pattersn sent them out of the room, to wait in the lobby
because he cannot stand looking at him!

i think he is a jerk, honestly

sundai still says she cannot believe such words came out of his mouth because he is such a nice man

ugh, honestly i feel that he is a ji ko peh la!

winner of the challenge: NICOLE!

well, i honestly dunno why she won, even though i support her
i think none of the girls did well anyway

so she wins a piece from all the designers' collection and a role in the advertisement, great prizes!!

the next day, photoshoot! kungfu style! they will be suspended in the air too!
so they get to choose their weapons, and train with a martial arts instructor before the shoot

most of the girls did really well, it somehow just looks good!
kara really flopped. has she never watched a kungfu show in her life?!
no jackie chan shows for her?!
she was really odd posing! and even more robotic than nicole, whom kara keeps condemning is a robot and talks in a robotic voice

well, KARMA!

sundai totally flopped too, karma from bitching with kara about nicole

time for panel!

jennifer did well
rae lack motion
erin was great too
brittany was good, knows how to work with light
kara looked awful
laura looked like a martial artist!
sundai was boring, did the same leg up -__-"
nicole was strong

and the results!


best picture: nicole (wow, double win this episode!)














out: kara

kara's gone!
well this episode wasn't really very exciting
or perhaps i'm too sleepy now to blog actually...

till next week!!
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