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[ANTM Cycle 13 - Episode 5]

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- all photoshoot pictures are taken from the official CWTV website
- printscreen pictures are from the youtube videos

back at the house, kara sees her picture on the wall and is LOVING IT!


apparently she says her boobs are spilling out
hmm, not really, you are not THAT big pls

brittany talks about being in the bottom 2 (i hope she NEVER goes there again!)
and erin talks about how brittany should know her place now despite winning a "million challenges"

meany erin! i can't believe she said that!


Ashley reads lulu's letter to her, and talks about how lulu was the only one she can connect with in the house, how she misses her, blah
erm, duh she can only connect with her
Ashley and Lulu = fellow bitching buddies


bianca is happy that she is finally not in bottom 2
and she's gonna stick around and show us what she has

ugh, pls don't, pls just go home!
i don't know who will wanna root for bianca -__-"

tyraaaaa maillll!

"sometimes you only have a minute to make a second impression"

wow, i thought this sounded pretty quotish and true!
second as in TIME seconds, not 2nd second

next day, the girl learns how to do their own makeup by Sam Fine


one of tyra's favourite looks is the smokey eye
and sam fine is gonna teach the girls (plus everyone else watching) how to do it!


Step 1: Put loose powder under your eyes

Step 2: Concealer over eyelid

Step 3: brown eyeshadow all over, top + bottm


erm, this does not look ANYTHING like tyra's make up?!
it looks like she was PUNCHED!

next, the girls go to walmart and they see..


nigel barker and crissy barker, his wife
a covergirl representative

and laura says that they are the most beautiful couple she has ever seen
i cannot agree less

so anyway, it's a covergirl make up challenge
do up a make up suitable for a casting call
and mascara is the MOST important

a make-up race!

there are nt enough makeup for everyone, so RUNNNN!!!


as usual, everyone running and screaming


first station: clothing
and laura was the last there, so no clothing! first elimination from the race!
i can't believe it, i thought a girl who lives in the run should be pretty health
and have ample exercise from running with animals?
btw, erin runs pretty fast!!


and they have to change before moving on to station 2!


running towards the 2nd station, erin pulls sundai!
omg, she's really quite desperate to win :s


Station 2: nicole and jennifer are eliminated


Station 3: Rae and Brittany are eliminated
and the rest of the girls will have 3 mins to do their make up


Station 4: ashley was eliminated as erin threw her photo on the floor
and now there leaves bianca, sundai, erin


and sundai wins!

tyraaaaa mailll!
tomorrow you will put ur head into the competition or something like that
don't understand

girls bitch about erin in the limo
erin cries
well, even though i like her, but she was really overly competitive!

and in the photo studio, they see TYRA and she is going to be their photographer

there is a catch in this photoshoot
the strongest photo will be determined on the spot and the girl will be safe this week, much like Project Runway's Immunity


basically the photoshoot is about the face
and headscarves are used to tie up their hair, and also bind their bodies,
so that the focus is on the FACE

well, okay, i guess i can understand why the headscarf comes into place
but, it just does not look very nice to me!


while all the other girls had their hair tied up and their face freed,
brittany's face was kind of under a translucent scarf!
so was ashley at the end of the photoshoot

and the winner of the photoshoot, who will get immunity this week is...


omg, is she going to set the record for most number of challenges won?!

plus her prize is to take photos with two male models that tyra discovered
and this picture will be up on

hmm, boring picture really

okay, time for panel!

brittany of course is best photo of the week
erin needs to work on her personality
kara has no presence
ashley fell short, never smize
laura needs wind
bianca's face still need work
rae did well!
nicole did the same pose again, but pic still looks good
sundai looks plain but beautiful, according to the judges
jennifer: alive, dynamic, movement according to nigel barker. it looks alien to me though. and she brings personality to set

and the results!










Out: Bianca!

well, finally.
but once she was out, she looks so much softer
and so much more pleasant!

ah well, maybe that's what a competition does to you

well, what a boring photoshoot this time round
next week's photoshoot looks much better though!
catch the trailer on cwtv or youtube!

till next week!
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