Sunday, September 27, 2009

[peach garden lunch buffet @ novena gardens]

went for lunch buffet yesterday with mummy, aunt jeannie, and aunty sophia
went to Peach Garden @ Novena Gardens for ala carte lunch buffet

it is quite a small place, so you must make reservations beforehand, and especially on weekends!
it is just beside Zheng Fa Huo Hai Xian, opposite novena square

i like ala carte buffet, it somehow just seems more highclass!
and i just have to sit there and keep ordering and the food just keeps appearing!
and of course, you dont have to worry about food not being replenished

you will be served what you want.
perfect! :D

prawn salad
erm, i did not really like it, the prawns were realy fresh though!
fresh to the point that i felt that it taste raw!!
but it was cooked, no worries

shark's fin soup with fresh crab meat
we were only limited to one bowl per person
they did give us shark fin and some cartilege, and a pathetic amount of crab meat
so basically, you are just drinking starchy soup

don't really like it :(
mummy cooks better shark fin soup!
i like it with LOTS of crab meat and dan hua!

fried eggplant with pork floss
not bad, but i don't really eat eggplant

two of my favourite dishes!
the fish with some sauce, and marmite prawns!
i think i ordered about 4 or 5 times!
and it was really a WHOLE fish!

another type of fish
i think this was okay only

yup, i stuffed myself with ALOT ALOT ALOT of fish, hoping that it will help my brain
i do feel that eating fish helps in the brain

there was a drought period where i did not eat fish at all
during the time where my grandma pass away, because usually she cooks fish for me
my mummy does not like to cook fish, because of the oil, blah.

and i felt i became stupid. my grades really dropped la!!!

so, hopefully with 4 of peach garden's fish inside my stomach and brain now,
i will be able to do well for the upcoming midterms :)
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