Monday, September 28, 2009


midterms start tml!
two papers - 9am, 6.30pm
financial markets and intro to e-commerce

two memorising papers, UGH!
i prefer if every module has cheatsheets!
that is the most ideal, cheatsheets are even better than open book!

and i can't stop slacking for this midterms, i don't know why!
i'm just so easily distracted cos i'm quite against memorising now :(

but today's q&a session with gh worked well!
i think i rmbed more through testing each other than when i was studying!

in fact, i think when we were staying in sweden, it was very effective
because we will test each other the whole day! even during meal time!
so it's like constant revision throughout!

okay, enough said, back to mugging
i'm very stressed over FM since my whole class is damn smart
i don't wanna be the left hand side of the bell curve :(:(:((((((((
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