Friday, September 18, 2009

[grandpa dream]

hmm, i just thought i should blog this down
so that i'll remember it again next time...

last saturday, i had a very sad dream
i dreamt that my ah gong came back, dunno how, but he just did
and my whole family was really really happy!
he promised it will not happen again, so we were even more happy

then we were going to have meeting with some RC people
not sure why, perhaps to reinstate him back into RC
so he said he'll go toilet to change first
so we were all waiting for him, sitting around, chatting happily

then i realised that he has been gone for very long
so i decided to go to the toilet and check on him

and he was gone.

i search everywhere and i couldn't find him.
and i was so sad in my dream!

so sad that when i woke up, i went to the toilet to cry
so sad that when i thought i've calmed down and could tell my mummy about the dream,
i still ended up breakding down halfway while telling her

haiz, sad.
i know it was just a dream, but i was really sad :(
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