Monday, September 21, 2009

[friendster testimonials]

i happen to receive a friendster msg from someone today
so of course i received an email alert about it
and hence resulted in me checking out my long forgotten friendster accounts

friendster is an account that i'll never delete
because of the testimonials
Facebook wall is totally different from this
fb is more like sms-ing
while friendster testimonial... well, it somehow has more meaning to it

copied some of my friendster testimonials here, commented on some too :)

12/25/2007 6:21 pm

merry christmas! (:

seeyou sooooon! :D

this was my last proper testimonial, had some spam ones which i deleted :)

guan han
11/08/2007 9:58 pm


Jie Jun
10/29/2007 11:03 pm



seow seow

seow seow seow

seow seow seow seow

wahh i damn free larh. haha

10/14/2007 2:20 am

percussion outing soon ok! haha.
during december like that. go discuss soon..
hehe. lol.


10/10/2007 2:48 pm

HAHAHA? What's so funny about ur picture? Lol... u act cute leh u.

09/30/2007 8:46 pm

AUNTY SEOW JIA LI!!!hahahaha!!

09/19/2007 1:04 pm

aiyoooo.i got a shock when i log into friendster and saw ur display pic. CHANGE CHANGE. haha. anw my recess is like next weeeek!!! like YAY. maybe we can try to meet up? haha. oh btw. i forgot to tell you i saw someone in my school wearing that victoris secret dress u desire. the striped colourful one. hahahaha

Sze Wing
09/08/2007 2:53 am

Hey! I miss u!

08/23/2007 12:58 pm

yuppy. there was a system error. i thought i didt get but i actually did. at pgp.haha sure u can come visit anytime as long as im here=)

Jie Jun
07/14/2007 9:16 am

hello friend!

How have u been! hahaha. i m bored and sian..

Now jj has changed to calling people Dears and Darlings... hahaha, i like :P

06/27/2007 10:41 pm

hey!lets have a pri school mini gathering when penguin comes back from his trip! i think it's so unfair that they have internet access in every bunk la WTH! hahas! please organise the outing k.heh! and my mid yrs are over :D!

06/23/2007 3:36 pm

how are u gal? are u better? take cares ya..n thank u so much for e 3 daes..the camp was reali reali up soon too k..take cares..bebop bebop..(:

06/14/2007 10:58 pm

hey..i know its ABIT late..hee..but thanks for wishing me everyear without fail whn i didnt do it for you..*GUILTY*..but don't worry..i will always remember you!!!

06/13/2007 10:15 am

hi ostrich
amazingly i still rmb this nickname of yours. hahaha
it actually fits your shoutout at the moment

tracy is the ultimate papparazi i have ever known
i'm serious

enjoy your last 4 days of work
oddly enough, i'm missing my working days
hahaha. okay. take care :D

ostrich...hahaha totally forgot that i had that nickname! and i'm not powerful a
papparazi these days, oh man, not Gossip Girl standard :P

06/04/2007 11:10 pm


nice photos pls send me. :D

its subjected to my approval so nth scary can appear w/o my knowledge! :)) heh heh!!

^^ and omg. i realised i nv reply ur email today thanks to the flood of work frm IT show. :(

ah, i rmb how we keep slacking and emailing each other during work! it must be
like a 100 email exchange everyday!

06/01/2007 10:12 pm

hello pri sch good fren miss tracy seow, who happens to be ONE DAY YOUNGER THAN ME, happy early birthday!:D and pls organise some primary school gathering soon k! hahas.ENJOY YOUR BIRTHDAY!(p.s: WE'RE DAMN OLD LA RMB HOW WE CELEBRATED OUR 12TH BIRTHDAY?)

12th birthday, omg, i honestly cant rmb! is it the one with pizza?!?

05/30/2007 8:40 pm

hello! sorry for the late reply. no one goin nus meh? no wad quite a few lar. sorry nv go tea session. abt de camp a have not decide yet. you goin? wahha. actually i also dunno anybody goin nus business. ur de 1st! wahah maybe we'll b in de same class together again?

yes we are now! :)

05/29/2007 3:47 pm

hey tracy..wonder if u still remember me, old pri schmate of urs..hit me bck aytes..

hmm, actually i honestly don't remember, need to dig out old sch photos

05/16/2007 6:44 pm

haha ya! then we'll be NINETEEN! thats like so old :(! OKAY. I SHALL ADVERTISE FOR YOU. TRACY TURNS NINETEEN ON SECOND JUNE!! (one day aft me LOL!)

04/12/2007 7:17 pm

tracy seow jiali! let's celebrate our birthdays TOGETHER this year!:)

oh man, this has not materialised! very difficult leh actually :S

Sze Wing
04/11/2007 2:52 am

Now that I'm back, more outings pls? =)

Jie Jun
03/31/2007 10:42 pm

hello girl!

Cant tag ur blog so add testimonial for u lor! hahaha

Your two or three posts really quite funny! I think i have missed much while away in vietnam! HAHAH!!!

Stay hilarious! :p

shit, i also think i was more funny last time, now not funny le, is this a sign
of getting old :(

03/13/2007 10:24 pm

hey tracy!

i didnt log in till now, hope the gathering was cool(: real sweet that u remember me!

and im not gonna approve your testimonial for me!! hahaha cos your in-demand hp num's there eh (;

i'll sms u someday!

ah, trina, p3 bestfriend, haha! now SIA stewardess, whom i haven talked to for

b e n j a m i n
02/16/2007 11:33 pm

u really abit too free ah!

ur employer must regret hiring u.
hire u = waste money and electricity.

02/11/2007 11:27 pm

Hey i'm fighting in NZ ok, not slacking!!! Anyway i'm back. bought something for you and your man so dun complain :D

still slacking away la... :P

02/05/2007 9:07 pm

hello!! yup i've been busy. yesh of cos workin lar. or else i'll be broke leh. im workin at a travel agency. you leh? are you workin? chi new year coming!! can get hong bao. i noe u sure more den me one. so u faster get married in de nex few days. den i come n find u durin chi new yr so tt u can give me hong bao! rmb to give me more k! haha. hope to see u soon k!

Sze Wing
01/26/2007 11:05 am

Hello Tracy,
Now u can lunch with ur new colleagues instead! Haha.. Glad that they are such interesting people, from what i read. =P So.. now u r only free on weekends is it? I don't see u online anymore!

Wai Yip
01/19/2007 9:26 pm

Merry x'mas, happy new year and xin nian kuai le!

Well, i can see tt u're SO enjoying urself from all those zilian pics of urs. haha. eh, next time must put more of those bald head guys pic in ur blog k?

actually i'm VERY looking forward to seeing the class guys carrying their monk look when i return to spore! by then maybe i will be the few rare guys still with some decent hair on my head.

Well, all the best to both of our results and i really miss everyone in spore!

01/14/2007 9:32 pm

was pleasantly surprised to see you! haha. gorgeous girl! (: lancome needs more girls like you.

12/15/2006 6:54 pm

hey!ur prom dress is very nice!u look super pretty:D haha.and i still cant get over the u-noe-who appearin at post prom.LOL! meet up soon ya. and i bet my xmas card will reach earlier than urs this usual!haha.

well, the youknowwho is staying SO NEAR TO YOU NOW! hahahaha!

12/12/2006 11:21 am

hey blonde. ur captions can vary abit nt. lol 3 consecutive pictures with the same pple and the same caption! MORE VARIETY PLS! hahahaha.

10/27/2006 11:27 pm

but quite only..

tracy ah.
good luck for your A levels yup.

andddd. no la anyhow only. just rafflesian spotlight but im gonna pon the finals.

cheers (:

10/15/2006 1:09 am

ok. i finally feel bad enuff tt i realise i shd reciprocate! haha. :j

anw! thanks for all the testies. (or testis as some cough cough would say. -_- haha.) youre so nice and sweet and pretty! (haha. must hui kui u more ma!)

wow! see. jerry likes u enuff to let me type this! lalala. :) lucky u!

ook. totally crap! study hard and jiayou jiayou! seeya!

i rmb jerry! your computer!

Sze Wing
09/10/2006 8:23 pm


JIA YOU for Prelims!

It's gonna be over soooon!!! I don't mind u giving mi a treat if u do well! *hint hint* I'm still wondering when to change from *appear offline to away.. Anw, all the best and hope u r able to slp well! I couldn't realli slp last nite already! =S

08/27/2006 10:20 pm


you are being extremely random. miss playing

slapping games and running round school

hahas. mug hard!;)

slapping games was so yesterday, i've become dainty *winks*

08/27/2006 1:03 pm

i need the panic button
i need to press it now!
i'm so so scared of GP! :(

i will always remeber all our spying sessions and nicknames
the flying animal is classic. lol
and not forgetting many of our other "best" friends

although prelims are coming
but don't stess yourself out too much!
or else later eye mask also can slavage the situation
=x haha

ok. i think this shld be enuff for the lil distraction. lol

omg, what's flying animal what's flying animal! my memory is worsening :(

06/22/2006 10:59 pm

hello girl! hehe..yes yes! i always remember you as the one who's born on the same day same month and same year as me!!!! people born on this day share a common thing: they are all PRETTY! hehe...abit bhb..haha..aniway happy BElated BIRthday! sorry its like nearly two weeks late...but its better to be late than never! hehe...oh i also remember ur mom too..i always go to the lib when i was in pri time flies! hehe..aniway, take care gal...
*smile..coz you never know who's fallin in love with that smile of urs...*
so smile always! :D
(help mi say hello to sze wing too! hehe..duno if she still rmb mi anot...)
lotsa love,
silin... :)

06/02/2006 4:10 am

Happy Birthday Tracy..!! Sweet 18 le sia.. Soon you'll it the big 2... but it's till ages away, dun haf to think about it now. Just treasure what you have at the moment. Hope you stay pretty always and do well for yr exams.. :)

Looking forward to meeting up with you for a movie when I get back!! We'll make Sean take more neoprints.. *evil grinz*

Cheers dear Cousinz! Enjoy your youth!!

b e n j a m i n
06/02/2006 12:00 am

hey hey...

happy 18th bdae sammi cheung.

gd luck in ur A levels.
not tat u need any since u go for this tuition tat tuition. but. hahahaha!

enjoy this wonderful day.


end up also never get 4As :(

05/13/2006 6:06 pm

im glad u realised that i meet you everywhere. haha. "i can't stand it" either.. haha
we should like make a guess where we'll meet each other again!!!
pleease dun scold me if i spell it wronglY!
haha. yeah. we should meet up when we're free!!! a gathering perhaps.
see you ard again!

b e n j a m i n
04/28/2006 6:40 pm

U PONNER!!!!!!!!

haha... wad slacking is good lor. =S


but in e end u also have to go sch.
so i dun think make any diff!


U PONNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but i am also guilty of this crime la =P
mug hard!

den can gb after u get ur 4 As. =)

omg i got pon sch meh?!?!? dun have what!

Jie Jun
04/22/2006 10:36 pm


Yeo says that i speak like u hmph! anyway.. i just came to realised that i sat with you for at least a month since the start of secondary 1!! i think.. hahaha

Thanks for all crappiness u have brought to my life!! The onli time i talk so much in lectures is when i m beside u!! hahaha ((: i think it's the same for u rite.. the onli time u talk the most is when i m beside u as well!! hahaha

loves you!!
hope u liked the stuff i bought ..hahaha
a bit of a lag...

Jie Jun
03/13/2006 6:00 pm

seow jia li! i m so jealous of her!! she doesn't need to return for any band practice during the hols or stay back for CCA until Hawaii competition is over! ArGhh!!'' .. now i've gotta some lil' throat infection and doctor actualli gave me 3 days of MC from Choir. and i stupid stupid rejected??? i kinda regret alr.. cos ha there's valid excuse. haha anyway see ya around!! miss talking to yA'.. i still can't believe that we talked for the whole econs lecture! hahaha (",)

aiyah, i can believe we talk for the whole lecture, it was so boring anyway :P

10/09/2005 10:37 pm

Hey Tracy! I know you... But it's like a long time ago... U still look the sameeee... Haha!

09/29/2005 9:48 pm


it's a gd thing to rem where i live
(though u almost forgot =P
where u alighted?? haha)

it's a gd thing to rem i live which block
it's a gd thing to rem i live which floor

but it's really a bad thing to forget e most impt thing

which house is mine!!!


25% chance of getting it correct
n yet
u got it wrong!!

haha..just like mcq u know

ei ni mi ni money mo


cough so much
someone nv take gd care of u la
aiyo..must find that person suan zhang la

thanks again for helping me pass hor
paiseh let u wait so long
but e cookies nice??
this time i bake myself leh!!!
not bad ba..

fine..i confess
85%-90% is my effort
e rest is my mum's
qian jing xiao jie xia chu leh
considered quite a feat le
n it's brown colour ok
not black at least
must say it's nice hor!!
not nice den dun need to say le


good luck for promos!!
i still owe u $$

i don't rmb you owe me money, but i rmb that i miss you :( haiz

wei jie
09/07/2005 10:27 am

heyx~! here to deliver the testi tat u demanded.. okie.. mebb requested..
gotta agree wif ya tracy ish a nice name.. budden whether u is a nice person ish another thing.. (muz be thinking: "wad nonsense!!!")
o.a.m.s.n. i knew this gal on the beiJing trip.. haha.. i tot she quite unsociable one lahx.. always stick wif the mark and leslie gang.. (apparently someone else was there.. hehe.) budden slowly gotta know her better.. haha.. den shes quiite a nice gal lahx.. (if i didn't say this.. confirm u reject my testi rite.? (: ) okie.. anyway.. shes quite a sensitive creature bahx.. quite fun also.. got absolutely high level of tolerance for ridicule and sacarsm.. (so go ahead and laugh @ her!!)
okie lahx.. tat's bout all i can type le.. rem to add one for me horx.. haha.. take care ya~! and work harddd for promos.. dun let other things distract u too much.. like ahem*mahjong*ahem*cla*ahem*rence*ahem.*smiles*
with love.jie n in case u didn't noe wat.oamsn its on a more serious no

06/23/2005 9:03 pm

heyo babe!haha,i accepted before july!
not bad right?haha,ok,nth 2 be happy
about.harz?it was very serious arh?OMG!
honestly,i was feeln v nostalgic when i
wrote his testimonial lo,like missing all e
fun inperc,so sad,like i always have so
many tings 2 do, n i always gotta ask u
guys 2 keep the end,i couldn't
soend enough time with u u
know y i so sad?haha,anw,i rmb
u,appeared last yr in e band rm nt
wearing uniform smmore.i wanted 2 shoo
u out,but nvm,since u fellow perc,haha!
anw,thanx for being a cool junior,sm1 i
always v xian mu,cos i die die cannot
play mallets!arh!haha.anw,u always nv
fail 2 laugh at my jokes!(ok,provided dey
r jokes in e 1st place.)haa,i keep
laughing,dunno why.haha.u arh,always
see u doing yr work,qt hardworkn,u'll do
well. jia you!yup,i'll treasure e time i have
with percussion,cos PERCUSSION
ROCKS! (supposed 2 say tis before our
perc ensemble,but i forgot!arh!)take care

05/31/2005 5:05 pm


issit 3rd june? or wait wait, let me
guess. issit 2nd july? 5th june?

ahahahah stupid pansy.

05/23/2005 4:38 pm

heyo ger! ((: tracy is this super sweet
lookin ger in 05S46 [we rawk btw!]
haha.. and looking at her.. i feel like a
total slacker cuz she's damn smart and
hardworking lar.. -.-" hrm... dunno wad
else to say lar.. so take care and tata~~

05/22/2005 11:48 pm

hello tracy. sorry take so long to return
testi.. aft u still got simeng. im super lag
at writing these. todays outing was
great! hope we hav more perc outings in
the future. anw this gal is in my
section..hmm i think first three months
she really tao yan wo bcos i always nv
tok to her when we both playing mallets
and she claims i giv her a lot of
pressure.. nonsense. well im so glad
now on better terms liao.. hah, we all
esp waiyip always tokin crap at the
back of bandrm during band pract..
always end up laughing like xiao. this
gal also involved in a lot of scandals..
but now the scandal(or sth more?) more
or less more settled.. hmm that certain
person 2 testimonials back..haha..
majestia comin up! hope we play well
and hav a great and enjoyable night..
most imptly after that the section outing.
gonna be loads of fun. haha dun worry ur
gifts surely not as pathetic as mine. anw
its been great knowing you and having u
in the section! hope we can become
better friends in the next 2 yrs!

05/18/2005 8:14 pm

=D omigosh! tracieeee! i cant believe we
lost touch for.. 4 years? and we used to
be soo close!

lol. still remember ur mum bringing us to
the botanical gardens for the young
scientists card tingy. =) and ur bday
party. and we were librarians together:)

haiiii. the good old days eh.. i'm sure u're
doing grreat.. so cheers oldbestie=D

take gooood care alrighty.. maybe we'll
meet again someday. ho. byee!

b e n j a m i n
05/11/2005 1:05 pm

hiyo... lol. wanted to give u a new testi
like years ago... haha... i dong owe u k?
lol... i give u two at one shot... later i
copy and paste three times. haha...
tracy (a.k.a. Pansy) is attached! lol...
ok, i better dong say too much... but for
more details, can refer to me... haha...
tracy is a very hardworking gal... also v
attentive to pple's needs... today's my
bdae... and she got me smthing... lol.
so surprised... haha... but nevertheless
happy... she also spends a lot of money
when she FEELS LIKE IT. haha... she
just like spent 80 bucks yesterday juz
because she FELT LIKE IT...haha... so
next time better find a time when she
feels like spending to go out with her.
lol... she'd v hardworking... at least more
hardworking den i am... but she alwaes
kana suan by pple... but i think she
enjoys suaning me, but in e end i'll suan
her back. haha... her bdae is also
coming soon... in less den a month's
time... will get u a bdae present de. gd
luck to u in e future. have a happy 2

05/03/2005 4:00 pm

hey~! i realised that my testi 4 u would
be ur 50th! link..nvm...miss u
lar! so boring without u around...den no
one to pei me around e sch's life in vj now? miss e
whole class loads! got miss me? think
not la clary there to dai
ti...haha...quite settled down in aj
le...used to life here le...but will always
miss 05S46! how's u n clar...inet? wad u
thinking? i haven finish asking qn u think
so far already...haha...but dun
worry...will still ask u e qn
how's u n clary? got any fa zhan or not?
must tell me once u got bf k...u
promised to be very open about it one!
i'm waiting patiently to be happy for u
k...dun have very high expectations for
ur bf can? think clary fit e bill already dun one
wants me got nothing to update
u about...take really good care of urself
k...cos i really do care~! -hugstighttight!

and i still miss you, wish we back to vj days :(

05/01/2005 8:47 pm

hihi!! actualli i know this girl since
secondary sch.. but we nv even tok one
word before!!! until she came into vj band
den i get to tok to her!! haha!! she's
preety la but too bad taken liao lo!! by
cl******! i better dun type out the name
or else she reject moi testi!! she's very
good in mallets also!! can play running
notes with ease!! y u all so lihai one!! try
to join us more la!!since our section so
fun rite??? we must jia you for the
coming syf wor!!!! percussion rocks!!

haha, and we said more words in nus now :) thanks for all your help in SEP!

04/27/2005 3:57 pm

ya i on esti writing spree for the
setion since i at home sick..
yup hm knew this girl thisyear
only..thought she was quite quiet..haha i
still tink that actually..but at least she
ges my lame jokes quite fast..err but try
to laugh k..haha to encourage me on y
quest to be the lamest..aya got scandal
too..heard from the rest..haha i haven
seen tht guy me one day
leh..haha hmm quite good at malets
too..and listens when i correct her..ya
lor always go clas outing instead of perc
outing..haha i wonder why..haha hmm
so heres wishing u all the best in
eerything!!..ya heard u very smart
too..haha can see la..take s papers next
year..haha all the best in SYF too!!

04/21/2005 10:14 pm

tracy!! wat rubbish are u writing!!

this mrs hong here.. naughtiest most
scandalous girl in class. today during
lecture and tutorial keep flirting with..

got a lot of things to say now. can
everyone pls give her a round of
applause, this woman here got A2 for all
her sciences. damn lousy sia. den u
know she's as skinny as my little finger.
tracy is also very funny sometimes. rmb
pointing at ronald mcdonald waving at
us? ha. lamer!

u know there was once tracy went mad.
we were havin break, den she suddenly
burst out, "eh! just do it on the table la!"
omg it left me in utter shock as i gasped
at her daring yet sick comment.

lastly, tracy's hair is like seaweed. yes
long curly dirty and sticky. it can also be
compared with the hair on a horse's tail.
being near its backside, its obviously
very very dirty, smelly, dry and horrible.
yes her hair is brittle too. if we used it to
make guitar strings den ppl will all start
learning piano. oh btw tracy, watch out
for ur z-axis. =)

hahaha, IDIOT GLEN TAN who is also in nus now, though idiotic, it sounds damn

Wai Yip
04/21/2005 8:41 pm

oh...1stly thanks for ur testi...i shld be
gd to u and write u one decent
testi..haha...pansy is a very cheerful
who laughs at everything on earth..
(imagine she can laugh at yinting's
lamest jk) ok..jia li is also very enthu in
class activities and always like to join
the class for dinner... with her
around..there's always laughter..becos
she'll always be suaned by all the big
mouth in the class (including myself)
But well..mrs hong is a very hardworking
gal who got 6 pts for prelim, but god is
always fair. She got A2 for all her
sciences during o'levels...haha..but
she's still more hardworking than me!
not to forget her fav lines.which is alrdy
mentioned by clary.Still rmb e 1st time
we stepped into the bandroom and was
very scared cos we knew tt we cant play
well.and surely kana dispised in
band.but i'm more she's always
safe. However, must rmb to practice ur
triangle k? haha..*imagine light in the
dark* it's realli glad to have Nancy in
S46, and stay scandalous at all time!

04/02/2005 2:27 pm

HEY HEY HEY!!!!! haha,,,,, in my
testimonal u mentioned dat if i dun write
for u....... haha... OR ELSE
WAD??!! :P:P scared of u ah? haha.....
quite lonley in tpjc leh.. seriously.....
only managed to noe a few frens....
haiz..... i think i changed alot..... haha...
dunno leh.... i tend to be very quiet
unlike last time so crazy.... haha.. but
i'll get high occasionally la! haha... u
leh? u so guai, so gu niang, so pretty,
so ah hem... violent.... haha... muz have
got lots of suitor rite? haha :P:P....
*shudders* jkjk lah.... dun keep saying u
dun have horz..... haha muz be got rite?
haha... so envy u... :P:P..... see? i
wrote u a testimonal... thanks for urs
too..... haiz... i'm also quite packed
though..... i miss all of u!!!!! dun forget
me okie??? haha lotz of love!!!!!!

i'm glad you're coming back in DECEMBER! :)

03/31/2005 8:54 pm

tracy ! my very funny senior ! i missed
you and it was so nice to see you after
such a long time. whee. you were the
only one with the dangling earrings !
whee. yes we wil all work our best !

01/27/2005 10:18 pm

hey tracy!hAHHa juz happen to come
across yr page so erm juz wrte u a testi
lar..haha..tis girl alwaex wanted to go
vj..and nw shes in!haha happie for her
la..she hor..damn good in studies
exam hall sit qte close to her..den when
get bac exam scripts feel so zi4
bei1..hahah..hmm..aniwae hope ur
enjoying yr life in vj! hope to cya
ard..maybe 9 feb?hahaha..byes..take care!
~ =)

01/24/2005 11:39 am

yo gal!! haha.. seee? my 2nd testimonial
for ya!!! ain't i nice? haha.. well.. haha..
juz wanna thank u for helping me so
much during the o's period.. haha..
honestly, u should look at wad i msg-ed
man.. haha.. was like panicking like
crazy lor.. haha.. thanks loads k!!
muacks! luv ya!!! wish ya all the best in
vj and everywhere ya go and all ya do!!!

11/27/2004 10:38 pm

heyheyhey. long time din see u already,
but i dun miss u leh. hehe. k lar, miss ur
crap lor. tis tracy gal is damn crazy.
tracy, crazy. she very enthu one, always
tinks of crappy idea n ask sir to get new
instruments. she everyday say we all
mei you zhang da guo, but she nv
admits dat she's e one. she e most
enthu, crappiest n most despo (rmb e
TKB n TOB) senior. k lar, hope u into vj
n get a cute bf (u r waiting for dat rite).
rmb to cum for e farewell on tues...
cheers. c'',)

11/26/2004 10:00 pm

hi since you so kind to give me
testimonial i decide to give you one
back ^___^ tracy ah, a bit the tall a bit
the skinny a bit the sarcastic a bit the
nag :D but hey, she's the best friend
anyone can ever have cos she's honest
^___^ thanks for writing me that
testimonial, you gave me light when i'm
down. tracy's a really nice girl who's
smart too (VJC girl-to-be) and EQ is
high too. she's frank to pple and does
speak her mind, and her sarcasm just
makes pple laugh :D yeah penguin's my
successor since i'm usually not online
anymore lolz... missed the old days with
you. let's have a gathering after you get
back from hk or something (most
probably not feasible though)

11/23/2004 11:16 am

seow seow!
luckily you didn't mention his name.
until now i am very paiseh over
what happened for that SEOW WEI
JUN! hahaha. hey didnt exactly
keep much updated info between
us , but you are as crazy as ever.
haha i have a friend cleo who looks
like you~ she's the gentle one,
you're the rough one! now you are
famous in that group too! hahaha. :)

11/20/2004 11:03 pm

whee.. pretty senior !! tracy rocks
man .. she's chio she's smart she's
funny and she just rocks lar.. love her
to bits man this senior of mine .. all
the guys are attracted to her like
she's some velcro .. hahs i miss
tracy . she always play with me and
we two will fight and everything . yupp
then we make fun of it each other too.
i'm so going to miss tracy won't see
her anymore . felt so empty after they
left you know .. miss those funny
things we came up with . that
romantic scene at the beach with the
rolling about .. some day we all go out
then can have fun again now that
your o's are over ! whee . i miss you.
so guys if you're queuing up for this
lady you better not snatch her from
ME ! muah haha

09/19/2004 12:43 pm

Tracy is my primary school friend..she
very pretty and we use to be in the same
ochestra and got many gold awards in
the SYF...she plays the xellophone
while i play the violin..although i didn't
talk to her much..i heard from my friends
she has a great character and look..And
she also very clever one..she is in the
1st class and always get top in class
one..But she is also a very talkative girl
and like to talk alot during the music
lesson and i always see her with a group
of friends chattering non-stop.. okays
thats all..good luck for your
o'levels..write me a testimonial ok?

omg, who is robin?! hmm, new english name is it!!!

08/10/2004 7:37 pm

hi sotong~ here again! haha :)
didn't write much for you that time,
so i'm here writing again~ eh write
for me too arh! remember primary
school days we used to run around
in school, and you love to slap
people? haha you used to whack
people arh... and you were the first
girl to finish 1.6 in p5! [wow..] eh,
why is everyone calling you
sacarstic?? hey hey. maybe ar. :)
but then you were ms popular! and
miss those days we chatted plus
gossip! haha... and all those
chasing.. hey something you don't
know but you always blush when a
teacher calls you and you will stand
up so scared... haha esp when
mohan maggot calls you.. okay, gtg
liao, hope to cya soon.. one -day
younger friend!

07/25/2004 5:15 pm

hey U! dun break ur bones hor.. ee.. so
tall and skinny like bamboo pole..
jealous.. ok la nicer a bit.. slim can?
lolx. ya tis tracy is mi senior in
percussion.. and shes funnie SARcastic
sometimes but nice.. SARcastic.. hehe..
she LOVES PINK.. but i dun.. lolx. u
can admit tt u also mei you zhang da
guo la.. hor.. hehe.. and shes got so
mani bfs! haha jkly.. got nnsskb toby
and alot la.. lolx. jk la.. buah.. good
luck for ur o level k? so cleva liao..
ok so conclusion.. funnie. SARcastic
[giggle]. nice. attractive. and cleva!
lolx. u rock man! goodie muz add for me
also hor.. tot u xiang tong liao going
add for everybody?

05/31/2004 8:26 pm

haiz in a v weird mood tdy, shall
attempt to write nice things bout u...
tracy is slim n pretty n smart, she
loves band and nvr suan other people.
she is extremely helpful and nvr ask
others to help her in maths/physics
etc, she is damn pro in her chinese.
she doesnt talk alot. a very efficient
person who can multi-task. she is not a
pig. she is not spoilt. she doesnt like
her parents fetching her home in the
car. she is well-behaved and attentive
during class. she doesnt irritate her
friends. hmm i guess i've listed out
enough of her traits, u better return
the favour hor, im writing this in the
mist of mugging for my bio

idiot penguin as usual :P hahaha!

05/22/2004 6:54 pm

tracy! haha. she's lyk thin can. thin
n tall n pretty n smart. NOT FAIR!
haha. yupp. tracy. very nice gal. laff
alot. ahha. hmms. always kena teased
by liqing wan. half the tym i duno why
they're teasin each other. and the
other half tt i understand doesn't
make sense. ahah! now im not makin
sense! anwws! its nice knowin tracY!
haha. evritym got duty me tracy lq n
angela will always slackk togeda wan.
*tsktsk tracy im so disappointed in
you. ahha. n tracy is always messagin.
dunno messagin who wors~ wHoooTs!
ahha. hmms. stay pretty n crappi so tt
u can provide us wif more lame jokes
de nxt tym we slackk togeda~ wEe! C=

05/10/2004 7:48 pm

ok.. finally writing ur testimonial...
haha.. too lazy mah.. dis tracy ah,
super tall and skinny one... juz like a
FLAGPOLE rite, tracy??? she super
crappo one.. hai.. and dunno y, still
want to diet.. everytime recess also
dun want to eat.. crazy one ah... but
den, dis FLAGPOLE iz super smart and
super hardworking.. yup.. and dis girl
is very loud and very violent too...
dun't be fooled by her seemingly
harmless appearance... haha ... anyway,
gd luck for ur o's tho i am sure u will
do well... =)

omg, flagpole?! totally forgot about that too :P

04/09/2004 7:54 pm

heyz!! soriz for taking SOOOO
loonnnnnggg.. haha... :) known tracy for
a few minutes only.. no lar.. few
years.. (hw fast time flies) yeah, she
iz one of e bestest ppl I've known..
tink she knws a lot bout me coz she iz
really a gd person to talk to when u r
in doubt.. yar.. she iz v mature oso..
hardworking, determinded, very very
sweet.. yeah.. still got lots more bt
cnt tink of nw.. she iz also v lame..
Queen lamer.. creator of e TRACWIN lame
virus lor. .haha.. :p anws, all e bez
for ur performances n ur O's!! sweetie
pie.. will always b here for u n to
support u kz?? take care... *hugz*

04/04/2004 3:19 pm

hey flag pole!! see i soo nice k..
help u write testi.. =p hahaz..
actualli know dis lady here for like 3
yrs plus but onli dis yr den get
closer to her... aiyo u're super hard
working lei!! dunno where u get all e
determination man.. she's like chao
hardworking, intelligient and chio..
wad more can i say!! hiyah.. cuper
jealous of her.. hahaz.. i bet all e
guys out dere would agree with me dat
sh's a gd catch.. hope all of us can
make it to vj together.. i'm sure ya
able to so dun pressurize urself too
much k!!okie.. i shall end liao... jux
stay cute and hardworking.. play hard,
study hard!! take care and gd luckx 4
ya o'z.. frendz 4 eva.. huggies.. =D

joy did sth
12/18/2003 12:52 pm

diS gEr iS my exclassmAte.shEs v tAll n
chiO..but sHe tALks n luffs liKE an
auntiE..hehx..tC okAex..hUggiEs anD
kiSsEs..lUv, jOy`

12/14/2003 10:27 pm

heex ... this is my wacky mad and
farnie senior .. da meinu .. always
cracking lame jokes .. and making fun
of me .. but .. i still love her cos
she's nice and sweet .. stay laugh-ish
always .. laughing is good for
health . but eat more chocs and grow
fatter kies

Sze Wing
12/07/2003 5:33 pm

hmm.. haha.. tracy is my best fren
since pri sch. :D eh.. she s very
nice, pretty n helpful.. She s very
fun to b wif n easy to get along to!
Will nv regret knowing her.. :P

11/20/2003 7:22 pm

muah haha .. tracy ?? she's my cutest
funiest sweetiest maddest and craziest
sec3 senior in percussion .. which
makes her a super duper great ger ..
yeah .. that chio bu ah .. hur hur ..
mad and crazy but ultimately nice ..
looking for an ideal partner ?? look
no farther !! tracy's here !!

11/17/2003 12:13 pm

harloez trace... my best fren in
primary school too... use to 'snatch'
best friends in primary 5... i mean u
were the 'best friend' ppl wanted to
snatch... hahas... erms, really a
considerate ger, i knew you since
p5... kp in touch ok...cyaz

11/14/2003 4:39 pm

lol. she is also my grandmama! always
lecturin me abt earholes, breakin skl
rules n bgf. lol. overall she is a v gd
friend. willin to lend listenin ear.
yupp. one of my close friends too.
okayss.. sensible lar. v sensible.
compared to me. yar. n will insult
wadever she dislikes=X lol

how come got grandmama one :S this must be AGES ago :P

11/09/2003 9:18 pm

tracy's so far the most sensible person
i've known..but this girl..always bully bad..other than that..she's grandmama :D

11/03/2003 7:42 pm

lolz so cute! last time very cute lar,
know tracy since p4. very nice person
lor, very helpful, matured, and gets
critical of stuff not to your liking
(i pity them). but overall the best of
friends liao! a bit quiet lar in my
impression, dun ask me why, dun seem
so according to elyn and gang leh. :P
btw, can lend me korean drama? :D

i guess your 'quiet impression' should have changed? HAHAHA!
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