Friday, September 18, 2009

[dun bug me if my earphones are in]

finally, the 3 focus groups are OVER OVER OVER!
omg, it was really a good experience though
i wun say i'll wanna do it all over again, but it was good

plus i get to drive to sch for 3 days
plus drive back

omg, shiok-ness

today i was waiting for zh at bishan mrt
and i noticed salesmen-like people around, so i totally avoid eye contact
and lean against some pillar while listening to britneyspears on my mp3

but, the salesmen-like people, who turned out to be a financial planner at Prudential STILL approached me -__-"

and since i can't rush off anyway...ended up just talking to him

i HATE the small chat before that
i know it's supposed to make ur customer warm up to you

but honestly, i'm just waiting for you to RAISE THE TOPIC, so that i can outright REJECT!

so of course i end up talking about being in nus, studying business, year 3
then when he mention prudential, i immediately reply that i already have a prudential plan
then he start asking more and more about it -___-"



then still ask me what other insurance, savings acct, savings plan i have, blah blah blah
he thinks i'm going to buy like 10 prudential insurance is it -___-"

Insurance agent: so how do you rate your knowledge on financial planning?
tracy: -hesitated- like 8? (actually she was dying to say 10)
Insurance agent: wow, that's high -stunned-
tracy: yeah, like i happen to be taking finance in uni -__-"

hahaha, shit, i should have said more crap to play with him
i could have said

tracy: maybe like 10? i happen to know the ceo of prudential

or even something like...

tracy: 10. how about you? can you manage ur finances? do you have insurance? are you in debt? do you know how much you need to save now to survive next time? do you give your parents money? do you...

endless bombarding of qns :P

yeah well, he did not relent even after that, still ask me whether i interested in working there
or like take up internships
or whether my friends are interested
i was like NO!
then keep asking for phone number, i refuse to give
and then he scribble his number on my paper

in which will be in recycled paper bin soon.

haiz, i understand such a profession is really difficult to start off with
but i think the approach to insurance is wrong
the industry is giving insurance agents a bad name, and it is not our fault for avoiding them
why peg insurance agents to commissions and how many policies they sell?

if i'm in need of an insurance plan, i'll go down to the bank and get it myself
if i wanna know more about an insurance plan, i'll research about it myself

for people who are clueless about such things, posters and advertisements on discounts in policies, or the usefulness of policies will probably interest them

for people who are clueless about such things, maybe a roadshow held in the heartlands will spur their interest

there is no need for insurance agents to desperately pull in customers.

and sometimes, pls, LEARN TO READ BODY LANGUAGE!
if i avoid eye contact, and is still listening to mp3, then

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