Saturday, August 08, 2009

[vj05s46 at settlers cafe]

met up with vj people at ps today
not alot of people came cos they were busy with other stuff
like orientation, etc.

but nevertheless, great outing as usual :)
love all the fun and laughter

if u read my archive blog entry, daniel once said before that i like to reminisce the past
and that next time after jc, he'll see his name appear on my blog
haha, of course will la, but of course he doesn't read anymore i bet

jc time was great :) fantastic in fact
it was the only time i was released from mummy's prison and went out like mad
i never once missed a s46 outing last time if i could

(though now it is a different story
cos most impromptu outings are like mini guys outing actually)

everytime i go for jc outing, i really really miss those days
whether is it in class, at the canteen, or in parkway

well, anyway, we went to hk cafe for dinner, because everywhere else was just too crowded!
i guess friday night is like that

then we headed for settlers cafe at smu

it turned out to be quite cheap because it goes by per table and we've like 9 people
clarence and leslie left, and daniel joined us (cos he was having IS camp)
yup, that's how we ended up with 9 people

and we paid $5 for 2 hrs, not bad la, but no drinks!

tim is really a terrible photographer
hahaha! he approach the camera like a foreign object that he wanted to disect

and tim was the object of suanning during taboo
which was super funny!
not difficult to guess what the suanning is about *winks*

glen's elated expression

jl and his OOOHHHHHHHH! at the start of every taboo word
we should make OOOHHHHHH! taboo!

fj's classic aunty shot :P

girls that were there :)
debbie pretty much looks copy and pasted for both shots :P

after that fj and i left while the rest headed for ice cold bar which is also in smu
i had to catch my last bus home la
and i still have a curfew, despite being 21
i'll feel very bad if i go back too late anyway, cos my mum can't sleep until i reach home
in fact she was lying on the sofa waiting for me

yup, that's why if i'm coming back really late, i usually dun go home at all :s
but it has been a long time since that happened
last time was probably during cedar perc overnight kbox outing

okay, freaking tired now
it is time to sleep :)
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