Wednesday, August 05, 2009


have been ABIT lazy to blog
but nevermind, i've the motivation now
and i'm going to blog a few posts at one shot :P

went to watch the preview of UP! with gh on monday
complimentary pair of tickets by nuffnang :)


but it was not 3D la, and the Lido Classic theatre is just ABIT small ya
and the theatre was not even full! y can't nuffnang give out more tickets!

it was a moving movie, i liked the first part the most actually!
it was pretty much silent, as they show carl and ellie
but it painted a really nice picture of growing old together lovingly

eternal love.

i like that sort of theme :)
a classic utopia sort of theme

of course, gh v unromantically said something during the touching part

i think the old man's hand look like his feet

totally kill of the romantic/touching mood can.

saw that straits times gave it 4 stars, and mentioned about some narration problem in the midst, but i thought it was okay!
i din like the funny talking dog though, when his translator spoilt
that was redundant, and abit annoying

but overall, it was a good movie to catch :)
and there's more disney movies coming up too!

- The Princess and the Frog (classic fairytale)
- A Christmas Carol (by charles dickens, with jim carrey being the scourge)
- G Force (some cute guinea pigs who are fbi agents)

and others that i can't rmb

anyway, i was quite stunned when gh and zh both dunno what's A Christmas Carol!
i read that when i was little, and was forced to read it again in secondary sch
charles dickens book, hmm, i used to read quite a few when i was a bookworm

but sadly i'm not now :(
i need to read more books, my vocab is deteriorating like mad

anyways, click click on the UP! advert on the left hand side!
it'll show u more about the movie :)
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