Friday, August 21, 2009

[train blogging]

3 blog posts at one go.
3 very wordy blog posts too.

Read if you can be bothered. It’s basically my reflections on certain important issues in life.

For some reason, I like blogging in almost perfect English recently, save for some peppering of Singlish in various sentences.

Maybe because the recent few blog entries were written in a word document first before posting on my blog. and maybe cos i read some utterly attrocious english that i couldn't take it.

I’ve been blogging while taking the train to school. Making full use of my time!

Somehow, there isn’t much time this semester. Only the second week and I’m struggling to cope! I’m behind time in my Consulting Practicum project, having not done some research yet. I already tried to schedule my time properly, but Finance tutorial is taking one million years to be done!

It’s not done yet, and it’s already 26 pages long in excel spreadsheet! OMG!!

Despite Finance tutorial having just 14 questions, but it is really 14 very long and tedious questions! I aim to finish it all tonight!

Okay, I’m approaching my stop already, it’s time to put the eeepc to sleep!

*update: finance tutorial is completed at 33 pages, OMG!
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