Monday, August 10, 2009


ndp 2009 was spectacular!
don't have original pictures since i did not get tickets to the parade
and i'm too lazy to google for them

but i really thought the performance this year was interesting!
better than other years, cos it was more musical, more singing, i like!
and of course mark lee was the crowd entertainer!

i really wished i've gotten ndp tickets :(
then i can really feel the atmosphere
despite standing to say the pledge, there was a tinge of patriotism and atmosphere
but i'm sure if u're at the floating platform, your hearts will swell with pride

however, i really dislike this year's theme song by Electrico

what do you see by electrico

the coldplay feel sucks man
an ndp theme song should be catchy and sing-a-long-ish

for example,

Home by Kit Chan (1998)

we will get there by Stefanie Sun (2002)

one united people by Stefanie Sun (2003)

and other songs, of course...

they are all nice, catchy and meaningful!
bring dick lee back to compose an ndp song!
or bring stef sun back to sing!
ask her to do her part for her country!

and today's Straits Times featured someone in the forum stating that the government need to do more so as to ensure that singaporeans are more patriotic about their country

i think that the government has done alot already,
if you had read another forum post by a canadian some weeks back
which stated that we need to appreciate how much the government cares for us

i think what makes the difference is your upbringing
how your family influences you, and friends too
that's just so much the government can do, the rest is up to the people closer to us
like i can tell that my parents are pro-singapore, pro-pap, etc.
of course i'm the same too!

a classic moment will be when my mummy rushed home to tune in to the results of YOG 2010
and cheered so loudly when it was announced that YOG 2010 wil be held in SINGAPORE!
like seriously a loud YAYYYYYYYYYYY! in which can be heard many blocks away

such little things do amount to patriotism
and will of course influence me

i don't see why people can be not proud of being singaporean anyway
watching singapore grow, a small dot, but a small POWERFUL red dot
everytime i see the newspapers that singapore is top in something, i'll swell with pride!

of course, seeing that Singapore is no. 1 with myopia cases is an exception...
i do not swell with pride on such stuff...

but ndp'2009 really make me feel proud of singapore, and proud to be a singaporean
i hope every national day will be as spectacular
and traditions such as wearing red and saying the pledge will remain
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