Friday, August 14, 2009

[jobs for life]

Have u felt that some jobs are more beneficial than others?
beneficial in terms of how it can be applied in life as well.
Like for example, if you are a doctor, it benefits you in the sense that you can treat ur own children, no need to bring them to clinics to see other doctors!

I'd love for my family members/friends to take up certain jobs!
so that i can benefit from them! *muahaha*
of course i'm not saying that other jobs are not important, they of course help benefit economy and progress in some way!
but certain jobs/degrees are much more closely related to life!

Job #1 : Doctor
it's an obvious choice. If there's a doctor in the family, he can help us check our health reports, assure us whether it is okay. Or during emergency cases, they can help to refer to specialist. MAJOR benefits!

doctors, whether they are surgeons or specialists, they will still greatly help you in your life, cos health is of utmost importance!

of course if the doctor is a plastic surgeon like georgia lee, that's even better :P


i'm quite sure i'll go for botox at some point in my life, when i've the money to do so
there's nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty you know

Job #2: Lawyer
this also seems very obvious, lawyer in the family is good what!
if you ever need to battle a court case, u have a lawyer at a discount.
or a lawyer can also give u advice on various issues,
maybe teach you how to fight in small claims tribunal court, tell you about your rights.

the new spacelike supreme court

and of course, lawyers can also help with writing your will, etc. preferbaly for free or at a discount :D

Job #3: Business (Finance)
If there is someone in the family learning Finance, it's good, cos he can give advice on financial matters. best is if he is a financial analyst. or perhaps can advise on what stocks to buy, what funds to put money in

best is if he is the next warren buffett, knows stocks inside out, haha!

or like if we go to the bank together, he can shoot question at the financial analyst of the bank with regards to savings plans or funds, etc. perfect u know! :D

Job #4: Real Estate Agent
with a real estate agent in the family, he can help you to look for a house, at a lower cost.
hopefully charge less commission. and of course he can also give advice on which homes to purchase, the pros and the cons of each site, etc.
because they will have the knowledge and the experience in this field

not bad to have a real estate agent in the family
but don't keep for no reason ask me to sell flat, or buy new flat la, that will be majorly irritating!

Job #5: Actress/Model/Entertainer
if you have someone in the entertainment line in the family, you get to go to free shows?
or at least discounted prices.
or get to attend mediacorp recording sessions, mix with the stars, get to go for certain premieres

felicia chin :)

but of course, have to withstand the bad press too
like rumours about felicia chin having gone under the knife, etc
well, have to learn to accept all the bitchiness in the industry

Job #6: Dentist
haha, dentist is ranked abit lower, because i only need to see dentist twice a year?
sometimes once a year only :S yup,
but of course having a dentist in the family is good, free teeth checkup!
haha, same benefits as a doctor

Job #7: Car Mechanic
discounted rates for repairing cars!
and of course, when car breaks down, u know IMMEDIATELY who to call!
of course they have insights into the motor industry too, can give advice on what car to buy, which one more fuel efficient, etc.

every little thing can help in life :)

Job #8: Blogger
i wanted to lump this under entertainer actually, but i guess it is slightly different
cos this only reaches out mainly through blogs
well, if a popular blogger is your friend, like

she can invite u along to her events, restaurant outing, holidays, etc!
not bad ya! you get to enjoy quite a bit too!

xiaxue and dawn yang
all pictures are found through google images la
dawn yang boobs damn big here, oh mannn...

erm, yeah anyway, as i said, bloggers have their own benefits too
and being Friends of Bloggers (FOB) is not quite bad either! u get third party benefits :p

well, i cant think of any more jobs now
super duper tired
will update and edit this entry again!!
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