Monday, August 31, 2009

[holiday inn lunch buffet]

went for buffet lunch today at holiday inn parkview's window on the park!
because it is teacher's day tml, and her sch gave them off on monday, instead of tues
good also, long weekend! i'm sure many will prefer that!

think the restaurant is undergoing some construction
so the area was REALLY SMALL
and we had to take cooked food directly from the kitchen!
ugh, so not pleasant...

we were sitted in a very ulu corner, where waiters cant see us
we even had to clear our plates once by ourselves! because our table was filled, and no one bothered!
only plus point of where we were sitting was because there is a BIG mirror in front of me

i like :D

*note: there are actually very few pictures for this post.
two reasons:

1) there was nothing great about their food to take pictures of, nor was the venue great
2) i was very pissed off during that time due to something that happened, had to take awhile to calm down

pathetic food
the pineapple rice might as well be deemed as YELLOW RICE
the fried tofu with something sauce was like ROCK TOFU
the fried potatoes were normal
only the prawns passed, because they were pretty big

i ate more dessert cos it seemed more appetizing
there was also durian puree! din take photo of that though

this was ALL the dessert that i managed to take
because they did not refill!
in fact lots of things were not refilled! the salad, the dessert, etc.

oh, and there was no laksa today
there was only prawn noodles, which sucks, the prawn was REALLY BAD!
apparently the laksa is supposed to be nicer
but after looking at all the food today, i highly DOUBT SO!

however, the service was not THAT bad
one of the managers did walk past and ask us how is everything
then i complained about why the salad was not refilled

so they refilled it
but they refilled those that i don't eat!
the pomelo salad was still not refilled!

well, it was a good thing we had 1-for-1 lunch buffet there, courtesy of UOB dining privileges
and this amounted to $20nett a person
original price: $34++ pax

CRAZY! i don't even think $20nett is worth it, probably not even $10nett!

conclusion: don't even consider this place for lunch buffet. might as well eat sakae sushi high tea. confirm more worth it!
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