Saturday, August 08, 2009

[fever scare]

last night i had a sorethroat, and then develop fever of like 37.8degrees
which was not very high yet la, so i thought it was minor
but throughout the whole night, i kept drinking water and going toilet la
hoping to flush out all my germs

but the fever refused to subside! i got colder and colder throughout the night
and my fever kept rising instead!

ughhh, normally i wun be that freaked out, cos getting a fever from a sorethroat is very common mah, usually i alittle bit sorethroat then will have fever le
but u know, cos of h1n1, then i got abnormally paranoid about it

of course my mum was the most paranoid la
immediately drive me to see doctor
and still stop halfway to buy mask for me cos she say need to be socially responsible

but in the end the doc say it is fine, just take panadol, and some sorethroat medicine lor
say can go out, etc. also, doesn't matter

haha, a scare for nothing!
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