Wednesday, August 05, 2009

[bye bye jj!]

yesterday was a very pampered day :)
mummy let me drive to sch!
and i got lost cos i missed the turning to go clementi to fetch gh
well, what to do... i' m not v used to the west!!

had CP meeting with the CFA people and managed to start our proposal already
i think it'll be a good project!

had lunch at The Deck ytf :) then went to hssml to mug
omg, mugging in week 0 before lessons start!
haiz, i want my cap 5!

gh went to run with ww in the afternoon, and we had subway after that
i just ate DOUBLE CHOC CHIP COOKIE which i love :)

then it was madness to clementi because of the AMAZING JAM before heading to aye and ecp for the airport.
it's v nice to drive on ecp due to the amazing view
but can't stop to admire cos all the cars are going DAMN FAST la!
so i chiong all the way to the airport and met zh for dinner at POPEYE

only to find out that he has never eaten popeye before

amazing :S

anyway, purpose of going to the airport was to send jj off!
jj's eyes look closed here, din notice when i checked the pic

it was ntu madness in the airport, so many people! she say got 50 classmates flying with her on BA!
but i think quite sad la, no sq to take...BA leh
like it just had luggage problems in late June at the London Heathrow Airport
it's about to be bankrupt if i'm not wrong
it loses more luggage then RyanAir and EasyJet
it's delayed more than RyanAir

oh man, i can imagine that i'll never ever dare to take it!

since there were so many people, zh and i started going around, seeing how many people we know! the score stands at 8-4 to tracy :P hahaha

cos all the frens he saw were common friends that i also know!
like we saw 3 other pri sch people: zhanseng, sehkai, sarah!

so qiao, can have outing in airport le! hahah!

gave zs and zh a lift back afterwards, din know zs stay so near my ah gong!
like block 130 only! haha, i never knew!

it was a fun day driving
only made me more pampered
and dying to have a car

this is bad! :(
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