Friday, August 21, 2009

[bring the House back to earth]

There has been much parliamentary debate over the recent racial harmony issue in Singapore, with MM Lee stepping in for the first time in a few years, to “bring the House back to earth”.

Though I can understand why he needed to do that during the parliament meeting (reminding of
the Singapore constitution, etc.) but is there a need to publish the exact details in Straits Times?

Yes, I can understand that our parliament is trying to be transparent in their doings. However, racial topics are really sensitive! Younger Singaporeans may be unaware of the special privileges that our Malay counterparts receive. But through this article, they will know that. Will it cause a backfire instead, and result in disgruntled younger Singaporeans?

When I first found out that Malays were allowed free education in Singapore up to JC level, I felt slightly disgruntled, though I decided that it was a pretty minor amount, so that’s not so bad.

Then, I heard rumours that Malays were also given free education in University! And this was also confirmed in MM’s speech, though I think now there is no more free university education. Laws have probably changed. University education is really expensive! Even after government grants, my university fee is at $6000 a year. Which is low, considering the increase in university fees now, and of course the more expensive fees for faculties like Science, Medicine and Law.

But of course being tame Singaporeans, no matter how disgruntled we are, we will not react in any impressionable manner. We just live with it, since all is well in Singapore. If we don’t think about it, it doesn’t affect us anyway!

But to younger Singaporeans out there who first realize about this, perhaps they may have a different reaction…

Of course, unless they adopt the “I can’t be bothered” attitude.
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